Cold Market Prospecting Training – How To Never Run Out of Prospects

Get ready to turn into a cold market prospecting animal!

Are you having problems generating fresh leads from your cold market after you’ve exhausted your warm market? Ever wonder exactly how many people you need to talk to in order to be successful?

Are you scared or unsure of how to go out into the marketplace and network and meet new people that you don’t know? Ever wanna know the right types of things to say to peak their interest?

Well then this is the training for you! Learn the secret formula and the number of people you need to expose yourself to in your cold market in order to make a six-figure income!

Cold Market Prospecting Training



What You Must Do When Prospecting Your Cold Market!

Prospecting can be trying enough right? No! As a matter of fact, in this video I tell you EXACTLY what to do so that you can prospect easily, and without ever feeling as though you are running out of people to talk to.

Believe me when I say, I have gone up to people almost everywhere I go, and I talk to them just as  if you and I were sitting  down having a conversation. It really is that simple.

You will find that it’s simply a matter of talking to people whenever you are out and about, and leaving the prospect wanting more! Your cold market doesn’t have to feel cold at all!

Warming Up to Your Cold Market When Prospecting!

How do you start warming up the crowd when you are out talking to people? It’s not as difficult as you think, especially if you go to restaurants or do shopping at certain places all the time.

Keep things light, an above all, keep it conversational! When you are out, you will almost ALWAYS encounter a salesperson of some sort, right? When there are a few there at the same time ask them which of them is a better salesperson.

Easy right? Okay, now we are onto something! You don’t have to give out a lot of information, but just give them enough by telling them that your company is doing some expanding in the area. Who isn’t looking for more opportunity right now? Everyone is right?

Ask them this; “If you could do something right now to make extra money and it didn’t interfere with what you are doing now, would you be interested?” Simple question, right? Just let them know, this isn’t the time or place, but ask for a name and number so you can follow up and meet with them at another time.

Not that many folks are going to tell you no, but you won’t know if you don’t ask. How do you know what they will say if you don’t ask? That is the whole point! This is how a cold prospect can become so warm!

I hope you took notes on this cold market video I have several other videos on this topic as it’s the one I get the most questions about.

Drop me any comments or questions that you may have about working your “cold market“.

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