Get face-to-face with Cesar & be personally trained by him at one of his retreats or one of yours.


Whether you want to book Cesar to come train at a retreat that you put together or come to one of the exclusive retreats he's famous for hosting at his house, both options are on the table.

If you have a private event or a retreat you'd like Cesar to train at, he'll build a custom curriculum for you & cover any topics you like.

The retreats he does at his home are extremely exclusive, limited to only 4 people at a time, & held only once every few years. The last retreat he held at his home was done in 2018 & the next one he's currently taking applications for will be in the fall 2021. Click here to get on the waitlist.

Retreats at

your place

Whether you have a retreat, incentive trip, or private event you've already put together or one you'd like to put together & you would like Cesar to make a special appearance & train at, you're in luck because this is one of his specialties & favorite things to do.  

There's no better way to show your leaders how much you love them while simultaneously equipping them to win & produce like never before than by having them personally mentored & trained by Cesar, face-to-face, in a fun & unique environment.

Not only will Cesar get your people's heads right, unlock their full potential, & reprogram their minds so they become fearless, ten times bolder, & more confident versions of themselves; He'll also arm them with his best secrets, strategies, & scripts so they walk away tactically equipped with formulas, game plans, & everything they need to dominate with ease.

Why people

hire Cesar

One of the many reasons people love hiring Cesar to speak & train at their retreats, incentive trips, & private events is because he genuinely loves people & helping them get breakthroughs.

Unlike other guest speakers & trainers who show up to do their session, then hide from your people as fast as possible, Cesar loves spending time with them, bonding with them, & helping them get breakthroughs before & after his sessions.

So even when he's not on stage training, you'll usually spot him taking pictures with fans, training people one-on-one or in groups, & creating experiences that will have them walking away from your event saying it was the best experience they've ever had & more than worth the money they spent.

This factor alone allows event holders charging high ticket prices for their retreats to be able to charge virtually whatever they want & have the peace of mind knowing that Cesar will make sure their attendees have a once in a lifetime experience & leave feeling like they got the deal of a century.

testimonials from
other people's retreats

Here are a few testimonials & stories from attendees of retreats Cesar has done for others. For this event, Cesar was flown out to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee to train a team of Network Marketers.

Retreats at his place

The retreat Cesar holds at his home is called The Reverse Recruiting Retreatâ„¢, which is named after the industry redefining business building methodology he invented that has allowed him to be a #1 recruiter & top producer in multiple companies with ease.  

He doesn't take everyone who applies, but if chosen, you'll get a full personal & business makeover including everything from personally crafted stories, scripts, & pitches, to studio photo shoots, custom presentations, & branding videos.

Although people have come to the retreats at Cesar's home for various reasons, the one thing they all have in common is by the end of the first day, they've all gone on video saying that they've already received more than their money's worth.

what to

The people chosen for Cesar's Retreats get an experience unlike anything they've ever experienced before.

Due to the total immersion environment Cesar creates, after 4 days, people walk away feeling like they've mastered the most game changing network marketing business building methodology, & are experts in psychology, marketing & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Retreat perks include receiving a custom crafted personal story & pitch for you to use, Cesar's 6-figure auto-pilot recruiting funnel with a custom video, access to all his current & future courses for the year, & an official Reverse Recruiting Methodâ„¢ certification that allows you to train others on his proprietary method.

You also receive 60 days of "in the trenches" coaching from Cesar after the retreat to make sure you're seamlessly implementing everything you've learned.

Testimonials from Cesar's Retreats

Here are a few testimonials & stories from attendees of The Reverse Recruiting Retreatâ„¢ Cesar does once every few years at his home in Wilmington, NC. If you want to learn more, get on the waiting list, or submit at application, click the button on the bottom of this page.

Your Next Step

If you'd like to talk to Cesar about having him potentially train your leaders at a private event, click the button below. To learn more about Cesar's Reverse Recruiting Retreat & to get on the waiting list to be notified when it's available, click the button below & reply to that first email & say you're interested in his private retreats.