Ready to shake things up & give your company, team, or virtual event attendees a one-of-a-kind experience?


In a post pandemic world with every company & team doing virtual conventions & Zoom trainings all the time, how do you shake things up, set yourself apart from the masses, & show your people what a badass organization they're in?

Simple; Book Cesar as a keynote speaker or guest trainer for your next Zoom. Not only will booking a speaker & trainer of his caliber & reputation elevate your brand, but it will excite your sales force, & you'll see the results in your bottom line.

Statistically speaking, companies & leaders who book Cesar for virtual conventions & Zooms sell more tickets, have record high attendance rates, & report immediate & long lasting increases in sales, income, & team growth.


Every training Cesar does is completely tailored to your needs. He can train on any topic & his specialty is eliminating people's fear of rejection, transforming them into ten times bolder versions of themselves, & arming them with new scripts & strategies so they turn into prospecting, selling, & recruiting machines.

When Cesar trains, it's a fun & professional experience unlike anything most have ever seen. He broadcasts on 4K cameras from his studio & for fun, he often gives away hundreds of dollars of products from his B10xB Store to your event attendees. 

Sit back 

If Cesar agrees to do a Zoom for you, he'll provide you with all the marketing & promotional images & videos you need. You'll get images & videos branded with your name or company name on them in various sizes & lengths you can use to promote your event on Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok.

And if you like, he'll host the Zoom on his platform that holds up to 1,000 people & will create a custom registration funnel for you so everyone who registers receives a series of event reminder emails containing Cesar's top training videos, so they're excited for the event & start getting results days before the Zoom event begins.

And if they don't show up for whatever reason, they'll still have gotten a ton of value & be on the list to get a replay of the event; So truly, all you have to do is promote the event, sit back, & relax.