Ready to take your business & life to the next level?
Here are a few ways Cesar can help you.


Whether you're looking to sell out your next live event, 10x your team or company's sales revenue, or book a blockbuster speaker that makes conventions feel more like concerts, look no further.

Cesar can set your your stage on fire by himself or with his B10xB® dance team & rapper performing custom songs that fire up your audience & program them to be ten times bolder, more confident & badass versions of themselves. 

If you have an audience you'd like transformed into fearless & bold prospecting, closing, & recruiting machines or there's anything you'd like them to sell, do, or buy, there's no better person to have on your stage in front of your audience.


In a post pandemic world with every company & team doing virtual conventions & Zoom trainings all the time, how do you shake things up, set yourself apart from the masses, & show your people what a badass organization they're in?

Simple; Book Cesar as a keynote speaker or guest trainer. Not only will booking a speaker & trainer of his caliber & reputation elevate your brand, but it will excite your sales force, & you'll see the results in your bottom line.

Statistically speaking, companies & leaders who book Cesar for virtual conventions & Zooms sell more tickets, have record high attendance rates, & report immediate & long lasting increases in sales, income, & team growth.

Coaching &

Whether you're a company or an individual looking to secure Cesar as your secret weapon, you won't be disappointed. He's a master coach & consultant unlike any other.

He uses brain mapping tools, advanced psychology, & mild forms of hypnotism to reveal & remove the subconscious blocks that hold his clients back from performing at their highest levels & provides ongoing coaching & accountability;

And as a consultant, Cesar helps companies create new & improved sales pitches, funnels, & marketing materials, systems, & strategies that trigger explosive growth.

Branding &
web design

One of reasons companies & individuals hire Cesar & his team to do their branding, videography, & web design is because of his expertise in lead generation, offer creation, & conversion optimization.

Unlike other "branding experts" & designers who make websites that get your prospects to say: "This is a pretty site", Cesar & his team help you to craft offers, websites, & funnels that get your prospects pulling out their credit cards to buy.

Cesar learns everything about you, your background, & your company, then uses his expertise to craft your brand story, what sets you apart from others, & your irresistible offer so your website, videos, & funnels are sexy conversion machines.


Whether you want to book Cesar to come train at a retreat that you put together or come to one of the exclusive retreats he's famous for hosting at his house, both options are on the table.

At your retreat, he'll train on whatever you like. His retreats are very exclusive & limited to 4 people; But if chosen, you'll get a full personal & business makeover including everything from personally crafted stories, scripts, & pitches for you to use, to studio photo shoots, custom presentations, & branding videos.

Historically, people have come to Cesar's retreats for several reasons, but the one thing they all have in common is that by the end of the first day they've all gone on video saying that they've already received more than their money's worth.