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Cesar L. Rodriguez is one of the most sought after speakers, trainers, coaches, & consultants in the direct sales & network marketing industry today & has impacted the lives of millions through his stage talks, training videos, podcasts, & movement, "The B10xB Movement®".

Cesar first rose to fame in his industry for making his first million by 29, being a #1 recruiter & top producer in multiple companies, & the countless prospecting, closing, & recruiting scripts, formulas, & systems he created that are used by some of the top companies, leaders, & sales forces around the world.

Now with over 20 years of experience behind him, a long list of millionaire success stories who credit Cesar for their success, & an even longer list of tools, strategies, & methods he’s created to help people to get immediate breakthroughs & results, he’s now become known as the go-to coach & consultant for corporate executives, top earners, & achievers, as well as one of the most sought after speakers & trainers for company conventions, team events, & college graduations.


Originally a New Jersey native, Cesar now makes his home in Wilmington, NC with his partner, best friend, & soulmate Emily.

Frequently referred to as a young Tony Robbins, what makes Cesar so different from other coaches, consultants, & trainers, other than his fun-loving & playful personality, is his diverse background & the amount of methodologies & disciplines that he’s studied, mastered, & created, that he uses to help people get immediate breakthroughs & results fast.

A few of Cesar's areas of mastery are: Sales, Psychology, & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Networking Marketing, Internet Marketing, & Pitch Creation. Philosophy, The Law of Attraction, & Rapid Transformation. Branding, Web Design, Sales Funnel Development & Optimization.

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Coaching & Consulting

Cesar, with his diverse & advanced knowledge & mastery of multiple forms of communication, persuasion, psychology, & NLP, is similar to a world class MMA fighter who has mastered multiple forms of martial arts & can deploy, at a moments notice, whichever approach or technique is needed to get the fastest, most elegant, & effective result. 

However, instead of knocking people out & making them unconscious, Cesar uses brain mapping tools & advanced psychology to make people conscious of things they never considered while removing the subconscious blocks that are holding them back from performing at their highest levels.

Like a hypnotist, Cesar is able to help people instantly & permanently rid themselves of bad habits & self-limiting beliefs so they can experience immediate breakthroughs that would’ve most-likely taken them tens of thousands of dollars & years of coaching or therapy elsewhere to achieve. Once the blocks are clear, Cesar then works with his clients to create new & improved sales, marketing, & branding materials, systems, & strategies designed to trigger explosive growth. 

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Speaking & Training

Cesar is a speaker & trainer unlike any other. He combines entertainment & transformation in a way that no other speaker has ever done before. At big events you'll typically see him on stage with his B10xB® dance team & rapper performing custom songs with lyrics that get the audience in a peak state while simultaneously programming their minds to be more fearless, bold, & confident.

Cesar's transformation specialty is eliminating his audience's fear of rejection, transforming them into ten times bolder versions of themselves, & arming them with new scripts & strategies so they produce at alarmingly high rates & are excited to prospect, call, & close everyone in sight.

And unlike other speakers who give feel-good talks that are entertaining, but create no noticeable increases in revenue, Cesar’s trainings, whether in person or over Zoom, create immediate & long lasting increases in sales, income, & team growth that are seen & felt.

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Cesar's programs

For those who are truly serious about their business, Cesar has several advanced programs & courses that countless 6-figure, 7-figure, & #1 earners have credited for their success. His 3 most credited courses by top earners are...

Reality Networker Prospecting Mastery™, a course where you learn & master prospecting by watching Cesar approach & prospect strangers in the streets through the eyes of hidden cameras & hear him break down the psychology behind everything he says.

The Immediate YES Formula™, a sales, persuasion, & closing course where you learn how to eliminate all your prospect’s objections before they come up & get anyone to say YES to your product, service, or opportunity immediately & without objections.

The Recruit 10 in 10 Challenge, Cesar's group coaching & mentoring program for Network Marketers where you're put on a custom program to help you Recruit 10 People in 10 Days using his proven secrets, strategies & scripts. Note: Open Enrollment for this group only happens occasionally.

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About B10xB

B10xB® stands for "Be Ten Times Bolder®" which is the mantra behind The B10xB Movement®, a movement that Cesar started over a decade ago that helps people transform into ten times bolder, more confident, & badass versions of themselves.

The B10xB Movement has impacted the lives of thousands of people globally & its followers grow stronger everyday thanks to Cesar's videos, podcast "Be Ten Times Bolder", Facebook group, & the game he's created that they all play.

The game is simple. Anytime you feel fear, indecision, or doubt, ask yourself, "What would I do if I was ten times bolder?" 

Whatever you come up with in that moment, you have to do it. If you don't, it's because your brain associates pain with getting out of your comfort zone & pleasure with staying in it & chickening out. 

So to rewire your brain & program it for success, when you don't do the thing you came up with, you pull back on a rubber wrist band & snap it. After enough painful snaps, your brain will rewire itself & associate pain with staying in your comfort zone & pleasure with being ten times bolder.

And because success is found in the bolder zone & not in the comfort zone, when your brain’s default programming is to act like a ten times bolder version of yourself, your life will drastically change for the better.

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