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In today’s video training I’m going to answer the question I get regarding prospecting which is when should I cut to the chase, skip the small talk, and just hit my prospect between the eyes with a “Do you keep your options open?” direct approach and when should I consider engaging in some small talk, building some rapport, and then casually bringing up my product, service, or opportunity?


  • I answer this question within the first 40 seconds however I spend the next few minutes explaining how, why, and the dangers of using the wrong approach at the wrong time and/or in the wrong situation. That way you’re money every time!
  • Around the 3 minute marker I reveal a killer line and facial expression combo I use when talking to people that almost always lets me steer the conversation into business direction and gives me the information I need to know to prospect them for my product, service or opportunity smoothly and without looking like I was trying or meaning to. It’s honestly my favorite prospecting technique. =)


Well enough is enough, here’s the training!

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