Cesar Rodriguez and the #1 Cause of Failure: Destination Thinking

Cesar Rodriguez Here! This video is Hardcore, in your face, & NO Joke! It’s 100% the reason why most people aren’t successful!

Once you understand & eliminate Destination Thinking you’ll find yourself making major progress & getting major results right away!

What I, Cesar Rodriguez Have to Say About the #1 Cause of Failure

You might know me as Cesar Rodriguez the person, but I am also Cesar Rodriguez the coach.

I want to share with you my coaching side because I care, and today it’s all about “Destination Thinking.” What is it? It’s the disease that whispers, “When I get my next raise”, “or once I move I’ll consider it”.

What? This is toxic waste dump thinking, but you can think a better way. Don’t be a member of the “always something” club. Are you ready to listen up and get your ticket out of this club? Every knows this is the teaching of Cesar Rodriguez!

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What Does Destination Thinking Mean to Cesar Rodriguez?

The reality is that no matter what you think or feel there is never really a better time or place to do anything.

This applies to business, relationships of all kinds, but in business when it comes to results many people are curious as to what they are doing wrong to not get those results.

It’s often an excuse, or some reason that you created in your mind that fits the story.

You might say, “I’m so busy,”, or “Once I sell something I can invest more into my business”, or it could be that you are saying that “I am moving to a new city, so once I get there, everything will change!”

Guess what happens?Those who use these reasons or excuses never seem to change. There is “always something” that seems to get in their way that prevents them from doing what they need to do to achieve success.

cesar rodriguez

Cesar Rodriguez Says, “It’s Not Your Story!”

Did you know that you don’t have to lean on this story? In fact, the number one cause of failure is “your story”.

Don’t let failure be your story when you can set goals, and then do what is necessary to achieve them.

If you never set goals, then you will be wandering around aimlessly every day, never getting anywhere.

Believe me, those aren’t just the words of Cesar Rodriguez, but those are the words of great people like Tony Robbins, Ray Higdon, Lance Armstrong, and hundreds of others that decided that failure wasn’t in their vocabulary.

Each one of the men above had a challenge to overcome, whether it was bankruptcy, depression, cancer, or something else, they each decided not to lean on their “story” as a crutch.

Instead, they used it to pull themselves up to greatness and make things happen.

The first step to breaking a negative habit pattern is to confess that you are guilty of thinking this way!

Take TOTAL responsibility for your actions, so that you can get started right, and acknowledge that each day you should be doing something to get you closer to achieving your goals.

My hope is that this inspired you today, signing off, this is your coach Cesar Rodriguez

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