Branding &
web design

Learn how Cesar can help you take your brand, website, & videos, & sales funnels to the next level.

Why People
hire Cesar 

One of the reasons companies & individuals hire Cesar & his team to do their branding, videography, & web design is because of his extreme expertise in lead generation, offer creation, & conversion optimization.

Unlike other "branding experts" & designers who make websites that get your prospects to say: "This is a pretty site", Cesar & his team help you to create offers, websites, & funnels that get your prospects pulling out their credit cards to buy immediately.

Cesar does this by diving deep & learning everything about you, your background, & your company. He then uses his expertise to meticulously craft your brand story, what sets you apart from others, & your irresistible offer so that your website, videos, & sales funnels are sexy & finely tuned conversion machines.

your brand
isn't a logo

Your brand is not a logo, corporate identity, or color scheme. It is also not a product, mission statement, or a name on a label.

A brand is so much bigger than any one of its attributes. A brand is a feeling, an emotional reaction, & an experience. It's also who you are, how you're positioning yourself, & how others see you.

Why do people choose one company, product, or person over another? More often than not, the reason is brand, which is why Cesar works with his clients to create & strengthen their personal & corporate brands through story, web design, & videography. 

Web Design
& Funnels

Whether you want a website, sales funnel, or sales process designed, built, or upgraded, you're in the right place.

If you're an individual & you don't yet have a website, blog, or sales funnel, Cesar can help you decide which would be best for you & can build everything for you from scratch including the creation of custom offers, lead generation magnets, & automated sales funnels with follow-up closing campaigns.

If you're a startup or a large corporation with an existing website that you think might benefit from a facelift, rebuild, or some conversion optimization, Cesar can help with that too.

As a consultant & expert in sales, psychology, & human behavior as well as marketing, persuasion, & influence, he can review your website, sales videos, & sales processes & give you a unique perspective & opinion that you won't get anywhere else. His expert eye & experience is unlike any other.

After his analysis, he can give you a game plan & a strategy to run with, he can work with your video team & web team to implement any changes you wish to make, or you can let him & his team take over & do everything for you. The choice is yours.

your story

A lot of companies & individuals have really great videos on their websites that do a wonderful job of educating people about themselves, their company, & products, but not closing them.

"The enemy of great is good." One of the biggest things that stops most companies from achieving their full potential is that when their videos work "good enough", they stop focusing on them, never realizing how much money they're leaving on the table.

One of the best ways to increase sales, recruiting, & duplication is to create sexy, high converting sales videos that you & your sales force can use to do the educating, presenting, & closing for you.

As the inventor of the Immediate YES Formula™ sales process & an expert at videography, story telling, & selling through videos, there's no better person to help you craft videos that get your visitors to pull out their credit card & buy from you immediately.

your next step

Due to the amount of time Cesar invests with each of his clients to help them craft their stories & custom strategies, he & his team can only work with so many clients at a time.

However, if you'd like his help with anything branding, web design, or videography related, your next step would be to reach out to him to check his availability. There's no guarantee he'll be able to work with you, but he'll at least give you a free consultation.