Ready to take your live event to the next level?


Whether you're looking to sell out your next live event, 10x your team or company's sales revenue, or book a blockbuster speaker that makes conventions feel more like concerts, look no further.

Cesar can set your stage on fire by himself or with his B10xB® dance team & rapper performing custom songs that fire up your audience & program them to be ten times bolder, more confident & badass versions of themselves.

If you have an audience you'd like transformed into fearless & bold prospecting, closing, & recruiting machines or there's anything you'd like them to sell, do, or buy, there's no better person to have on your stage in front of your audience.

unlike any other

Cesar is famous for combining entertainment & transformation in a way that no other speaker has ever done before.

At events you'll typically see him on stage with his B10xB® dance team & rapper performing custom songs with lyrics that get the audience in a peak state while simultaneously programming their minds to be more fearless, bold, & confident. 

And unlike other speakers who give feel-good talks that are entertaining, but create no noticeable increases in revenue, Cesar’s trainings create immediate & long lasting increases in sales, income, & team growth that are seen & felt.

The Problem 
Cesar solves

One of the biggest, if not THE biggest problem your sales force has is that they're not being bold enough. It’s not that they don’t know what to do; It’s that they’re too scared to do it.

They struggle with fear, anxiety, indecision & doubt. They don't talk to enough people because they’re afraid of rejection & care too much about what others think.

And when they do talk to people, their confidence & posture is usually weak & they come across to their prospects like they’re “selling” them instead of doing them a favor. Cesar's expertise is changing all of that & helping your sales force to overcome fear, anxiety, indecision & doubt.

He’ll alter their consciousness, rid them of the fear of rejection, & transform them into ten times bolder versions of themselves so they produce at alarmingly high rates & no longer hesitate to prospect, expose, & close all the people they see & think about.

what to expect

Imagine how many more people your sales force would expose & how much higher the caliber of prospects they talk to would be if they were bolder, didn’t fear rejection, & genuinely believed that they were doing everyone they reached out to a favor.

Imagine how many more people they would close if they had stronger posture & could instantly switch on & display the type of confidence, conviction, & boldness that gets people to take action & say YES immediately & without objections.

The good news is everything you just imagined can & will be a reality for you & your organization if Cesar steps on your stage.

Cesar is the leading authority on boldness & his specialty is helping organizations to exponentially increase their sales & growth by transforming their cultures & people into fearless, ten times bolder versions of themselves, especially when it comes to prospecting, closing, & recruiting.

The "Magic" 

Cesar’s signature talk delivers a fun, powerful, & entertaining performance that’ll have your audience on the edge of their seats, taking notes, laughing, & chomping at the bit to prospect & expose everyone they see & know the minute he’s done talking.

He achieves this by weaving in & out of your audience’s subconscious minds with entertaining stories that eliminate self-limiting beliefs & install new beliefs about themselves, their worth, & their opportunity, while reframing how they view fear, rejection, & boldness.

Cesar’s gamification method of training & his 5-step system for overcoming your fears, switching on unstoppable confidence, & hitting your goals in record time, blows audiences away, creates immediate results & an enhanced culture of boldness that will serve your organization for years to come.

Your next step

If you have any questions or an event you'd like to book Cesar for, email Booking@B10xB.com, introduce yourself, share your event details, & check Cesar's availability.