How's it going!? Welcome to my contact page. Below you'll see my phone number & email, as well as links & buttons that'll take you to my YouTube channel & few of the social sites you can connect with me on.

Out of all the different social media platforms I'm on, I spend the most time on Instagram & Telegram. If you send me a direct message there & let me know how you know me, I'll definitely respond. I'm especially very responsive on Instagram & answer almost all of my DMs. If you're on Telegram & want to join my B10xB Telegram Channel click here. I post exclusive content there & on Instagram that I don't post anywhere else.

If you want to get in touch me with about something business-related like booking me train your team, hiring me for coaching/consulting, or if you have any questions about any of my services, programs, or ERC government funding, feel free to send me a text or WhatsApp message to this number. +1 (910) 279-4600. Just please don't text me on that number just to small talk. If all you want to do is say hello & put yourself on my radar, send me message on IG or any of the sites below instead.

You can call me, email me here or click any of the links above or buttons below to connect with me. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.