The harder you train, the easier the game!

Whatever your game is… Sales, Network Marketing, Sports, or whatever… “The harder you train, the easier the game.” What I mean by that is the harder you train yourself the better you’ll become and the easier “The Game” will seem and feel to you because as we all know, success is when preparation meets opportunity.

The harder You Train The Easier The GameThere’s a very a simple formula for getting good at anything and it’s summed up in 2 words… Train Hard!

We all know how obvious this success formula is for sports. If you wanna stand out on the playing field during game time, then you know you need to take your training more seriously than everyone else on the practice field and in the gym.

But how do you apply this success formula in your business? Well, I’ll give you a personal example…

When I was recruited at 21 years old, into my first direct sales opportunity I wanted to get good and become successful as fast as possible, but I had the odds stacked against me.

I was young, broke, lacked confidence, contacts, credibility, and was transferred to an area where I knew nobody.

But what I did know and remember from playing sports my whole life was that if I wanted to get good I’d need to train hard. So I did.

I bought books, audios, courses, and tickets to attend every seminar and event on the subject I could. I worked on personally developing myself and devoured tons of content. I trained my mind with the same tenacity and voracity as an athlete looking to go pro would train their body.

Because I trained hard, the game (my business) got easier. Not because the game actually changed to become easier for me, but because I changed to become better for it.

Like Jim Rohn once famously said, “Don’t wish it was easier wish you were better.” And what’s the secret to getting better?.. Train harder.

If you’d like a simple mantra to repeat to yourself everyday that will help you focus on one of the biggest secrets to success that exists today, remember my quote (see image) and say these words to yourself throughout the day to pump yourself up to invest in yourself and train hard..

“The harder I train, the easier the game!” –Cesar L. Rodriguez

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