How to Get Over your Fear of Approaching Others when Prospecting. – Great Example!

If you’ve ever felt fear, anxiety, or apprehension when it comes to starting up a conversation with a complete stranger then you’re gonna love this training video!

In this video I share my number 1 tip to helping anyone go from being a sweaty palmed nervous wreck when it comes to approaching others and starting a conversation with them, to becoming a relaxed and confident conversation starter and champion in the cold market!

Most people struggle with prospecting simply because they don’t know how to take that next step and how to slowly but surely train themselves to become more charismatic and outgoing with people and in the marketplace.

Once you start implementing this simple strategy in the marketplace you’ll be surprised what happens and how many people find themselves compelled to want to talk to you and wind up highly interested in your business… without you barely even trying. =)

As your confidence gets higher and higher the fear you used to have about approaching others disappears more and more you’ll want to practice saying more then just a one-liner to the people you approach, but if you’re just starting out and talking to people terrifies you, then what I recommend in this video is a great start to help you get over that initial fear. =)

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