Prospecting Tip – What to say when people only give you their email.

Have you ever prospected someone who felt uncomfortable giving you their phone number and instead only wanted to give you their email?

Well although they’re essentially “blowing you off” don’t feel bad, it happens to the best of us. It used to happen to me a lot back in the day until I discovered why it was happening in the first place, how to prevent it, and the perfect response to say to someone who only wants to give me their email address.

Ever since I learned how to deliver the script I share in this video with strong posture, I’ve been able to get just about anyone who is initially only comfortable giving me their email, changing their minds on the spot and happily giving me their phone number as well.

After you watch this video you’ll know what you need to do to eliminate the “I don’t wanna give you my number” objection before it comes up and if it does come up you’ll know exactly what to say to your prospect so that they change their minds and decide to give you their phone number too. =)


By the way, it is Super Important to ALWAYS get a phone number when prospecting someone in the cold market. The goal of prospecting is to take a cold contact and “warm them up” enough so that they know, like, and trust you enough to want to do business with you right?

Well it’s kind of hard to build rapport, trust, credibility and any kind of “warm and fuzzy” relationship with someone over a “cold communication platform” like email.

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