Importance of Team Culture & A Fun Video from our Team Cruise!

If you’d be interested in learning a “hack” that will help you increase your sales team’s duplication, production, and overall loyalty to you and your company you’re gonna love this post.

And as a BONUS you’ll see a SUPER FUN and pretty hilarious “movie trailer” style video from our recent “Team Cruise”.

Warning: Be prepared to see some of my girlfriend’s killer video editing skills in action and my team in I in “rare form”. Just promise to not use any embarrassing moments you see against any of us in case we ever decide to run for office one day. J/k. =)

Okay seriously though, I’ve got a great question to ask yourself if you have any type of sales team… “What can I do to make my team feel like family?”

Personally, I’m always asking myself questions like that and “How can I support them more?” I always strive to have an incredible team culture… and no I’m not talking about just buying hats, and T-shirts, with our team logo on it.

That stuff is cool, but it doesn’t keep people from quitting and moving on elsewhere before they get their inevitable breakthrough.

Always remember people have no problem quitting businesses and jobs, but they’ll rarely quit a family.

Now, I’m all about finding “hacks” to doing things better and faster and one of the fastest and best ways or “hacks” I found when it comes to building an amazing team culture, getting to know the people on my team better, and transforming them from teammates to “extended family members” is to go on vacation with them!

Anytime you get a chance to put together an event or a trip that’s primarily social and gives people a chance to play, relax, and hang out together… it’s always a good thing. So what did we do?

Well because we’re all about having fun with our team, bonding with them, and turning them into extended members of our family we put together a team vacation and asked them to join us on a week long Caribbean Cruise to Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and Cozumel.

My girlfriend Tanya put together this pretty epic video trailer showing some of the highlights of the trip. Take a look…


Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to capture everyone on our team who was on the boat in this highlight reel, just mainly few of our leaders and best friends who hung with Tanya and I the whole time.

But either way the bottom line is everyone who attended had a great time and those of us who didn’t already feel like family sure as heck do now!

After this event I can honestly say that we’re super pumped up to do our next team vacation! The only question is where should we do it and who’s coming with us? =)

All credit for creating this video goes to my girlfriend Tanya Aliza. If you liked it, let her and I know by click Like below and/or droppin a comment. I know she’ll get a kick out reading your comments on my blog. =)

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