How to overcome the fear of prospecting and pulling numbers

Have you ever spoken with someone, realized they’d be a great prospect for your business, but instead of closing out the conversation by asking for the their number… you instead “copped out” and said goodbye without getting their information?

If so then you probably have some type of mental block that’s causing you to clam up when it comes to asking them for their number… and if that’s the case then this video may be a game changer for you. =)

If you have any type of “fear of prospecting” and/or “pulling people’s numbers” (asking someone for their phone number) so you can stay in touch), then know that you’re not only leaving a ton of money on the table, business-wise, you’re also robbing them of an incredible opportunity to be a part of something potentially life changing.

I did a coaching call the other day with someone who was fairly successful in their business and was great at starting conversations, building rapport with people, and peaking their interest about her business…

However, she struggled when it came to asking these people for their phone number so she could follow up with them.

In fact prior to our coaching call although she’s approached tons of people in the cold market over the past year, she’s never once in her life asked for their number… She felt like it’d make her seem too “salesy” to her prospects.

So what she’d do instead is just leave them her business card and hope they’d call her… which would rarely ever happen.

I gave her the advice you’ll hear in this video and the next day she pulled her first phone number from a cold market prospect and then the next day she did the same. This was huge for her, because again she’s never pulled a number from a cold market prospect before!

I was super proud of her and if you’re struggling with the same hang-ups or mental blocks that she was I’d love to help you through this video and hear your success story afterwards…

Feel free to keep me posted by catching up with me on the social media via links below. Let me know if you too have a breakthrough and see an increase in the amount of numbers you start pulling from prospects. =)

So pay close attention to what I share in this video and be sure to share it with anyone on your team who you think might benefit. A lot of people struggle with overcoming their fear of prospecting and pulling numbers, but once they overcome it, their appointment book will never be empty. =)

Enjoy the video and drop a comment and let me know what you like best about it. =)


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