How to become a people magnet

I want to talk a bit today about how to become a people magnet. Here’s a great quote to remember for the rest of your life…

“In order to attract attractive people, you yourself must be attractive.”

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about looks here… thank goodness for most of us, non-super model looking types. =)

What I’m talking about is becoming having a super attractive and outgoing personality.

If you’re not there yet don’t worry because this isn’t something you have to born with, it’s something you can work on with practice and through personal development.

What I’m talking about is becoming a real life “people magnet” and that person everyone wants to be around, join, follow, and be good to.

Here’s my philosophy and million dollar question…

“Most people in life are only going to get to see you once so why not have a little fun, be memorable, and put on a show for em?”

The other night I was doing a little late night grocery shopping and having a blast just being super enthusiastic, friendly, & extra charismatic to everyone I ran across.

Everyone within 10 feet of me got a huge smile, an enthusiastic greeting, and usually departed my presence laughing and feeling good.

There are two types of people, those who bring people down and those who bring people up. I highly recommend you choose to be the latter & practice everyday.

Why? Because practice makes permanent!

Remember when your Mom told you when you were a kid that if you make a funny face enough enough it’ll eventually stick. Well she had a good point.

You’ll find that if you make your super smiley, fun, and charismatic face enough times it’ll stick. 

And when it does, you won’t believe how attracted people will be to you and how much happier and better your life will be for you and everyone around you.

When you embody and become your best, most enthusiastic, charismatic version of yourself you’ll find that people will be uncontrollably and magnetically drawn and attracted to you.

When this happens you’ll notice your life will start to become easy and will be filled with “sweat-less victories”.How-to-be-a-people-magnet-300x206

Prospecting? No problem, people will jump at the chance to give you their number and they’ll look forward to your call.

Recruiting? Ha! People will be so turned on by your personality they’ll join your business just because they want a slice of whatever it is you’re having and because they want to be around you more.

Need a special exception to a rule from someone in charge? People will be glad to give it to you just because they like you and want to make you feel happy and as good as you make them feel.

The point is “act the way you wanna feel and soon you’ll feel the way you wanna act.”

Most people aren’t introverts, scared, or fearful. They’ve just been acting like that and playing those roles so long that its stuck and they’ve given themselves a label.

…or even worse they let someone else give them a label and they bought it and took ownership of it.

I’m here today to shake you up and give you a new label. I’m here to tell you to “Act as if”.

Act as if you were the person you already want to be.

Truthfully you know deep down you are a fun loving, outrageous, and hilarious person! If people got a load of the real you they’d fall in love with you instantly!

So stop depriving them of that! Jump out of your shell and show that person off!

If you’re not loving your current personality, change it today! Create a new better more outgoing, fun, and outrageous personality.

Put it on paper, re-create yourself and then get out of your house and give that new personality a test drive.

Go out and start having some fun with people. Be the fun loving outrageous person we both know you are.

If it feels a little awkward at first, just keep walking it out. Just like a new pair of shoes, it might take a little time before they’re broken in and feeling comfortable. =)

When you’re test driving the new you, don’t have a hidden agenda. Don’t go out with the agenda of prospecting anyone just yet, just go out and have some fun, make some strangers smile, brighten up their day and walk away.

See how good it feels. I dare you.

Looking fwd to hearing your feedback!

Cesar L. Rodriguez


P.S. If this post impacted you in any way and/ or you’re willing to step up to this “New You” challenge, click Like and comment below. I’d love to personally see who this has touched and who’s committed to walking this out.

I truthfully can’t explain why I felt so uncontrollably compelled to write this just now, but it’s as my fingers weren’t even my own. I’m feeling like this message was channeled through me and meant for somebody specifically.

So if you’re reading this and you really needed to hear this message today, this message is dedicated you. =)

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