It’s Never the Money! -Debunking the “No Money Objection”

All to often people say they can’t take advantage of opportunities to better themselves and their situations because they don’t have the money.

While in a few small instances that statement may be true on the surface level, on a deeper level, it’s never really about the money, it’s about creativity and the will to win!

I’m sure you’d agree, when someone wants something bad enough they’ll do whatever it takes to get it and not having enough money will never truly be an obstacle.

What you’ll see in this video is how I handle people who tell me they don’t have the money and how you can too. If you choose to.

This may be a tough message for some, but the leaders will love it and if you’re a guest looking at an opportunity and someone sent you to this page, hang on for the whole video before you make up your mind to hate me…

I might just drop some knowledge on you that will give you a different perspective on things and as the minutes go by on this video, you may even find yourself liking me more and more and agreeing 100% with everything I say.


Today, whenever I show someone an opportunity who is financially hurting, if they tell me they can’t take advantage of that opportunity because they don’t have the money I never believe it.

What 12 years of experience in the direct sales and network marketing industry has taught me is that it’s not the money. It’s never the money.

The real issue isn’t that they don’t have enough money, it’s that they don’t have enough vision and they don’t believe they’re worth finding the money.

In today’s society it’s not about money it’s about creativity. With enough creativity you can generate money.

There are tons of creative ways to raise money in a pinch. You can pawn things, sell stuff on eBay, Craigslist, have a garage sale, ask a few friends for a little money, ask one or two people for a lot of money, heck you can even sell your blood… and if you do, you save a life and get a free cookie. Bonus!

How did I become this hardcore and where did get this epiphany?

I’ll never forget the day, it was a few years and I ran across this kid named Brett. He was a young kid about 6 years younger than me and he was in the Army in Fayetteville, NC.

He was struggling financially and wanted to join our business however he legitimately did not have the money in his bank account to get started in the business opportunity we were presenting to him.

However, did he let that stop him?

Heck No! In society’s eyes he had the bank account of a loser, but in my eyes because of the action he took, he had the mind of a leader and the heart of a champion!

He was so was sick and tired of not having the money that when he saw the opportunity we presented him, he saw it as his ticket out and he wasn’t about to not take advantage of it.

He ran to the pawn shop and pawned his prize possession, which was his guitar. He got cash on the spot and used that cash to join the business opportunity we told him about.

The next 30 days he hustled his face off, made a bunch of money and went back and picked up his guitar before it ever even hit the showroom floor to be sold to anyone else.

He won everything and lost nothing. Within 30 days he had his guitar and an opportunity to make money whenever he wanted for the rest of his life in the new business he had started with us.

Today, I have about 100 other examples and stories like Brett’s of people who chose to be creative and do something about their situations instead of complaining about them.

But ever since the day I met Brett, it became pretty apparent that not having the money isn’t an excuse to not take risks and do anything drastic, it’s that much more of a reason to lay it on the line and do something drastic.

As they say “Desperate times call for drastic measures.”

I believe this post and the video above is something that should be shared with every person you ever expose to an opportunity to who tells you they don’t have the money.

I say this because that person’s reaction will reveal their creativity, how hungry they are, their future leadership potential, and if they’re worth working with or not.

People who are future leaders will most likely hear this message and have an epiphany where they choose to get creative make a commitment to find a way to find the money to get started.

Whiners will watch this video, get offended, angry and/or make even more excuses.

Either way this post and video will quickly identify who deserves your time and who doesn’t.

In today’s economy with so many people out there hurting and hungry for change who ARE willing to do whatever it takes, it just doesn’t make sense to waste time with people who aren’t hungry, creative, and willing to think out of the box to figure out ways to come up with the money needed to change their financial situations for the better with your opportunity.

It’s easier to complain then act and most people prefer to choose the path of least resistance. Only champions choose to get uncomfortable, and that’s why we admire them and the reason they end up living so comfortably.  

I believe in second chances and think you should followup with and show this post and video to anyone who’s told you they didn’t have the money to take advantage of your opportunity.

I recommend you refer them back to this blog post to see if they have the proverbial “aha moment” and choose to step up and get creative and find the money.

However, if they don’t let em walk, they probably would have drained a lot of your time and quit on you soon anyway.

Why? Well because when things would’ve gotten tough or they hit a roadblock they probably would’ve quit instead of getting creative. I mean, that’s what they’re doing now aren’t they?

Truthfully, I love my team, and people I coach, mentor and work with, but before someone’s committed to identifying themselves as the type of person who always finds a way and figures things you, my attitude has been and always will be some will, some won’t, so what, next, someone else is waiting.

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