How I respond to negative press and people -Hilarious Convo

I had a hilarious conversation with someone new on my team the other day and just had to share it because in you’ll learn the secret to dealing with negative press, negative people, and how to crush it in your business despite what “they think”.

Somebody brand new on my team texted saying this:

Teammate: “Cesar one of my brand new recruits just messaged me and told me they found ‘some’ negative articles reviewing our company saying it’s pyramid and to stay away. Has anyone else ever reported any adverse remarks to you?”

Me: “LMAO!! Only all my life. Dogs don’t bark at parked cars. We’re moving fast and breaking records. Negative press and remarks comes with the territory. It’s all just background noise to me at this point.

Teammate: “Yeah I said the same thing. Can I send you the article?”

Me: “You can, but anytime someone gives me weakness I just tell them to sit this one out and feel free to watch from the sidelines while we make money.”

Just for fun, I did end up taking a look at the “article” and it wasn’t an article at all.

It was a comment in a comment thread of a blog post. The negative comment was posted by a guy named “Smokey Bear” who said… smokeybear

Smokey Bear: “My gut is saying this looks like a pyramid and my advice is to stay away”.

I once again laughed my ass off and thought…

“Wow! isn’t it amazing how some people distort reality and in their minds turn ‘comments’ into ‘articles’ and ‘one article’ into ‘some articles’ and they transform some random guy with a pothead sounding screen name into a authority so credible that their mere ‘gut feeling’ opinion is enough to discourage this new person from wanting to move forward with a decision they’ve already made to change their financial future with an exciting new business opportunity.”

The creativity of the human imagination truly knows no bounds.

To anyone reading this, please know that there are a lot of “Smokey Bears” out there. My advice is to ignore them, run hard, keep your head down, and don’t let them “put out your fire”.

Your Friend,

Cesar L. Rodriguez

P.S. If you’ve ever run into any Smokey Bears out there, click “Like” and Share this post. I’d especially love it if you dropped a comment below sharing your experience or story so others could read how you encountered negativity and chose to move past it and get it done anyway! I’d love to read your story, drop it below. =)

P.P.S. If anyone on your team ever encounters negativity from others feel free to send them to this page and from now on you guys can just call all those people from now on “Smokey Bears”…

And don’t be surprised if you find yourself cracking a smile or laughing out loud next time someone identifies themselves as a Smokey Bear and chooses to give you their negative opinions. =)   

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