How to be a Leader, Develop Leaders, & My Ghetto Beginnings.

Think you’re a leader? Watch this video and see if you have the right leadership mindset. You’ll learn how develop yourself into a leader, identify other leaders & how to develop leaders on your team all while laughing at my ghetto marketing beginnings.

In this video I take you down memory lane with me and show you how ghetto I was and how I broke company rules and unknowingly violated compliance regulations in an attempt to be cheap and save money when I first started. LoL!


It amazes me how often I talk to people who have excuses, like they don’t have the money, the time, or they can’t make this or they can’t do that. Their general lack of creativity in finding solutions and giving excuses really turns me off.

However, I don’t blame them entirely though, I think they’ve just had a general lack of strong discipline and leadership in their lives.

It’s kind of like when you see kids acting up and throwing a fit in public, and you think to yourself “What a Brat!” 

Who do you blame for their behavior? The kid or the parents for not disciplining and teaching the kid better? Who knows, probably a bit of both.

That’s how I feel when I hear people giving me excuses. I was lucky enough to be mentored by a guy named Larry Gregory who was 59yrs old and already very successful without me.

He had strong posture and wanted me to succeed, but he didn’t need me to succeed… that’s a strong leadership tip right there, hope you caught it.

Instead of babying my excuses and buying them like most people do, he challenged me to step up, find a way, and figure it out.

All he ever told me when I tried to come up with an excuse, a limitation, or explain why I couldn’t do something was new was “Hey, I’m looking for leaders and leaders will always find a way… You’ll figure it out.”

If he said it once he said it a hundred times… and I felt his strong posture and conviction each time.

I very badly wanted to be on his radar and to be the leader he was looking for so I always found a way and figured out whatever I needed to figure out to get done whatever needed to be done.

I found a way where there looked to be no way and figured out what seemed impossible so many times that I became known for my resolve, determination, and resourcefulness.

Today I look back with gratitude for every roadblock and obstacle the universe has thrown at me and the tough no-nonsense leadership my mentor gave me. It was those challenges and the creativity and ingenuity I had to develop to overcome them that shaped me into the strong leader I am today.

I Thank God Mr. Gregory didn’t buy my excuses and let me grow up spoiled and weak. Who knows where I’d be today if he didn’t challenge me to step it up and develop a no excuses mindset.

So today a part of the reason why I develop leaders so quickly and get people I coach results so fast is because when I’m coaching people I don’t rob them of those crucial leadership growth opportunities when they share with me “Why they can’t do a thing”.

When someone gives me an excuse I smile on the inside and with posture on the outside, utter the famous leadership development line that formed who I am today…

“Hey I’m looking for leaders and leaders will always find a way… you’ll figure it out.”

I then pay special attention to the ones who always seem to figure it out. As I know those are the future leaders and the ones I enjoy coaching most.

To Your Success,

Cesar L. Rodriguez
Speaker, Trainer, Success Coach

larry and kay

This post is dedicated to my sponsors Larry Gregory & Kay Gregory for challenging me to always step up, find a way, and figure it out no matter what and for the incredible love they always gave me. I love you guys with all my heart.

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