MLM Marketing Q and A Training with Hilarious Ending!

This clip was from a MLM marketing question and answer segment of a training I spoke at.

Mr. Harrison and I were sharing the stage answering questions submitted anonymously for us by the audience.

This last question was too hilarious to not answer, record, and post. I always work fun jokes into trainings I do. That’s my style. 😉

MLM Marketing Frustration When People Join and Disappear

In this video, you see that we are talking about people that sign up and disappear, which is without a doubt one of the biggest frustrations in MLM marketing.

This industry can be frustrating if you try to chase people once they have joined you. Why let that happen? You don’t have to be frustrated. In this industry there are too few people, and as I always say:

  1. Some will
  2. Some won’t
  3. So what! Next!

When you have too few people, nothing is happening, so you MUST move on!

The other challenge that you may have, is when the people you do have on your team are NOT as sharp and hungry as you. Right? Why is this so?

If you find yourself in this vicious cycle of frustration, then do the opposite! Trust me, you will be glad you did!

MLM Marketing is About Recruiting Up in Your Business!

Recruiting up is a big deal in your business, and it took me a long, long time to figure that out. I had a guy that hit Executive Director in just 39 days by building a team.

That is how MLM marketing works! So, how did he make it happen?

He got in front of people, everyone listened to a sizzle call, then his people talked to me too. This is how you get it done!

Getting in front of more people and letting them listen to a sizzle call, will help you get them to your sponsor. This means MLM marketing just got a bit easier.

They are watching you do what duplicates rather than what you believe works. Make sense?

They are watching how you do the business, and believe me folks when I say it’s easier than getting in front of people and trying to present, present, and share, share, share yourself right out of a recruit!

This shows them how things work without you being under pressure, and it gets them exposed to leadership and watching how easy it really is to grow their business.

Most people get into MLM marketing because they hear a lot of folks talking about getting rich quick, but they bypass the training that people need and showing them how easy it really is! 

mlm marketing

Showing Folks How Simple MLM Marketing Really is!

The basis of MLM marketing is time freedom and building an income for your future, right?

It’s about doing what duplicates and working smarter not harder. Once you sign someone up, then you keep going and get on the next call, it really is that simple! 

Remember, it’s all about recruiting up, and that is how you pull out the magic of “MLM marketing”!

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