How to Overcome the Fear of Prospecting

(This video will probably change the way you look at me from now on, but it’s worth showing and sharing how to overcome the fear!)

Believe it or not, wondering how to overcome the fear of prospecting  is normal and even the best of us experience it. 


If you’ve ever felt that lump in your throat or gotten a knot in your stomach or heard that voice in your head rationalize why you couldn’t or shouldn’t go approach someone to talk to them about Pre-paid legal, well guess what, you’re normal! =)


Most leaders in our industry don’t want to admit openly that they too feel that same fear from time to time, but I’m sure most of you know by now that I’m not like most leaders. =)


Watch this video to hear me tell a story of how I recently had to learn how to overcome the fear when I had an opportunity to prospect a super sharp, well connected individual and what happened to me.

Everyone Has to Learn How to Overcome the Fear of Prospecting!


Everybody feels anxiety or fear from time to time, but you need only to learn how to overcome the fear of prospecting. It’s what you do after you feel that fear that determines your where you end up in life. You may have heard this before, but fear stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real”.


It’s an emotion designed to protect us from danger so it’s perfectly normal! Yes, I get scared too! 


However, the sooner you realize that there is nothing “dangerous” about talking to someone about our business and that the fear of approaching people is unfounded then the sooner you’ll be on your way to massive success!


It’s all about getting better at conquering it, and in time you will learn how to do this!how to overcome the

You Learn How to Overcome the Fear of Prospecting by Recruiting Up in This Business!

When you were a kid, what did your parents tell you about overcoming fear? They probably told you to get out there and “just do it”.

You may have heard that there is nothing to fear but fear itself, right? This is true!

So, in order to learn how to overcome the fear of prospecting you want to talk to the best of the best, the sharpest people possible. Why?

These are the folks with the most credibility, and they are less likely to have that fear too!

It’s also important that you understand that they tend to have the most contacts among those in their community too!

Can you see why they would be the people you want to talk to? Absolutely! So, now you just need to go out and do it daily, so that you can learn “how to overcome the fear”. 

So, what is my story? I go into Jerry’s a popular diner, and I ask my waiter who the top person is for Jerry’s.

I look to the bar and find a ton of people having a great time, and he is having fun, talking to people, and making them laugh.

I am in South Miami Beach folks, so there are a ton of people for me to talk to!In my head, there was every reason popping up for me NOT to talk to him.

The tape began to roll, but did I miss my opportunity?

Learn How to Overcome the Fear and Get the Right Folks On Your Team

I finally approached him, and he looked over and could tell that I wanted to talk to him.

I share with him I had great service, and when I pointed him out, the manager wanted to reward the waiter instantly!

I then tell him how great I think it is that he is doing this, because after all a compliment is the best way to start off your prospecting

I tell him that we are expanding as I always do, and he was so open-minded.

How in the world could I miss out on my chance? I had to learn how to overcome the fear, and I have already prospected many times.

This is how you do it folks, you just go and do it! Don’t be intimidated, just talk to them. You won’t get shot! They won’t eat you either!

If you want to learn more from me about how to overcome the fear in any area of your business, of course prospecting included, then please check out my other videos, and connect with me today!

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