How to Prospect, Recruit, & Get Referrals with Posture!

Get excited! Because this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. NEVER before have I publicly shared a complete training session from within my Private Inner-Circle R10 Mentoring & Coaching group.

But today, I’ve decided to shake things up a bit so I could give you a training that’ll help you strengthen your “Posture” & show you real world examples of what it looks like to prospect, recruit, & get referrals with posture.

I define “Posture” in Network Marketing & Sales as the position of strength or weakness that you come across in every encounter.

One of the biggest reasons why Network Marketers struggle when it comes to things like prospecting, recruiting, & building their business is because they are unknowingly coming across with weak posture.

Using weak-postured approaches is why your prospects tend to greet you with skepticism, stand you up for appointments, & treat you like a 1970’s used car salesman.

If you’re experiencing this it’s not your fault, you’re probably just following the advice of well-meaning trainers who don’t yet understand why the approaches they teach are positioning you as weak, desperate & needy to your prospects.

Which is one of the main things I correct for my students. I don’t have time to go into all the different ways I do this, because it’s a long list of things that includes everything from…

Helping you to re-brand your image on social media to completely changing the language, lines, & posture you’re using in your approaches, strategies, & scripts… and giving you entirely new & better scripts & methods to use.

But if you like what you learn in this video & you’d like my help, without you having paying my $1,000 an hour rate, my best money saving & money making advice would be to join one of Recruit 10 people in 10 days challenge I do.

I can’t promise you I’ll still be doing them when you read this & I don’t know when the next one I’ll do is, because I don’t know when you’re seeing this, but if you’re interested in learning more I’ll drop a link below this video.

When I open the doors to these challenges they’re only $97, making it the cheapest program I’ve ever offered & ironically, the most comprehensive. Our current group is stacked with of over 50 videos just like the one below.

Alright, lets dive into this training! If you’re able to take notes, I highly recommend it. I share a lot of scripts & mention several free resources you can take advantage of that will help you build your business. Enjoy!

I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback on this training.

If you like this video & you’d like to get access to over 50 others just like it & have me mentor you, click the link below to see when the next Recruit 10 people in 10 day challenge will be & to get on the waiting list or to lock in your spot (before the doors close) if there’s a challenge coming up soon…

FAQ: I get a lot of questions about these challenges, so before you ask please read the following paragraphs about this challenge.

#1) I only open the doors to join them every once in awhile.

#2) If you happen to catch one, you’ll become one of my inner-circle students & will be put you on a custom training program designed to help you make 10 sales & recruit 10 people onto your team in 10 days.

#3) You’ll be given everything you need to transform you & your business in 10 days, including the scripts, strategies & methods that’ll take you from selling your prospects to having your prospects to sell themselves to you.

If you watched the training above then you saw an example of one way I do this when I shared exactly what I said to prospect the two guys outside the grocery store. That strong, playful, & bold posture you noticed is pretty powerful & fun isn’t it? Just wait till you master it. 😉

If you’re interested in learning more, seeing when the next one I do is, & getting on the waiting or joining a challenge if one is coming up, click here…

Your friend,
Cesar L. Rodriguez

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