NLP Training. Neuro-Linguistic Programming

In this NLP training (Neuro-Linguistic Programming training) you’ll see live examples of me using NLP to program the subconscious minds of my coaching students to help them be bolder & fearless when dealing with tough prospects and….

You’ll discover the best way to learn NLP & you’ll watch me show how the sales & network marketing prospecting, closing, & recruiting scripts I give them (and now you), are loaded with highly effective NLP techniques like embedded commands, re-framing, & more.

Whether you’re a NLP expert or this is the first time you’ve ever heard about Neuro-Linguistic Programming, this advanced training is sure to open your eyes to a truly next level & fun form of psychology, communication, & persuasion.

NOTE: The live training clip inside this video was taken from an hour and a half live training I did for a private community I run called “The Recruit 10 People in 10 Days Challenge”.

If you’re in Network Marketing & would like to see the full training you can do so by joining this private coaching & mentoring group the next time I open up the doors for enrollment.

If you’d like to learn more about this group & get access to the growing library of 50+ other trainings that are just like the full version of this NLP training inside this group…

Go to

If there happens to be a challenge coming up soon, join the challenge, and once you’re accepted into group go to Units section of our group, and click “R10 Weekly Live Training Session 44” to watch the complete NLP training.

Cesar L. Rodriguez

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