⚠️ Controversial: How to Make The BIG Money in Network Marketing! What Top Earners Don’t Tell You. ?

If you’ve been in network marketing for awhile you’ve probably been told things like success is a numbers game, exposure is everything, talk to more people, and my personal favorite network marketing trainer myth…

“The fortune is in the follow-up”.

In this video I’m going to show you why believing this commonly told myth can cause you to look weak, desperate, and damage your reputation with your friends, family, and the people you prospect.

And why it often hurts your posture and leads to you wasting thousands of hours following-up on prospects who will never end up buying or joining.

Then I’ll show you where the REAL Fortune and The BIG money in Network Marketing is made that few people will ever see.

I have to confess, “The Fortune is in the Follow-up” is a popular saying that does have a nice ring to it. And as a trainer I’ve even been guilty of repeating it to packed-out audiences from stage. #Embarrassing #smh.

However, I’ve since learned that despite popular belief, the fortune is NOT in the follow-up, and spending a bunch of time following-up on your prospects can actually COST you a fortune instead of making you one!

So in this video I’m going to seek redemption for my sins, by setting the record straight and showing you where the Fortune and The BIG money really is in Network Marketing and I’m gonna teach you how to get it!

If you’re ready to be WOKE, watch this entire video and focus on the things I tell you to focus on towards the end. 

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