Let the Fun Begin! Miami Trip Day One!

My Miami Beach Hotel Room, After My Personal Renovation =)

It’s my first time here and I feel like such a tourist! LoL

This is just a quick video update of Me, Cesar L. Rodriguez, beginning my Vacation/ Goal Setting Week in Miami Beach for January 2011!

I’m just basically giving a tour of my hotel room. Nothing fancy, but you can’t beat the location! I brought everything I need to survive for 8 days as you’ll see from the video.
Like in Spaceballs: “It’s my industrial strength Hair dryer and I can’t live without it!”

Within less than an hour I already made a few friends one of which works at the hotel and is super cool! That connection scored me free parking for the week (saving me $200), a room with a killer view, and special employee break room access so I could use the bog frig for the tons of chicken I brought! Being friendly and social def has it’s benefits. 😉

I highly recommend the Wyndham Garden Hotel in South Beach for both it’s location, and incredible staff. Big Shout out to my main man Gerard who totally went out of his way to be over the top in customer service!

Here’s a few more pics to glance at from my trip. Fun, Fun, Fun!

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