What it’s like to be a Minority in America. NO Excuses, NO Guilt Trips, Just Facts.

The honest, raw, and “no pulled-punches” educational video every white ✊?, black ✊?, brown ✊?, and blue ?‍♀️ person needs to see to begin to understand the Black Lives Matter Movement, as well one another during this these times.

If you’d like to educate yourself on the issues and better understand where others who aren’t like you are coming from, then this is the video for you. There will be NO Excuses, NO guilt trips, and NO attempts to get you to feel bad about yourself in this video.

I’m not going to tell you that you need to protest, post a black square on Instagram, or to donate to any cause. I’ve never shared most of the things you’ll hear me say in this video before.

What I share may shock you, offend you, and be contrary to the messages other minorities are sharing right now. My goal is to educate people on all the sides of the story & to show #WhatItsLike to be a minority in America from the perspective of a Young Hispanic American Male who has achieved success, despite encountering multiple forms of prejudices in his entire life.

If you support the Black Lives Matter Movement and you want to grow the movement and have a chance at creating real change, not just a bunch of temporary noise, you’re going to want to listen very closely to the advice I share in this video and act on it.

Far too many of you, although you mean well, are actually hurting the cause, your community, and your reputation while repelling powerful allies, followers, & would-be supporters. I’m going to help you to be more effective.

As a whole we all need to protest better, treat those who are showing their support better, and stop using guilt as your go-to tool for garnering support, funds, and manipulating well-meaning Caucasians & police officers who are not racist in any form of fashion.

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