What you’re missing if you ever feel nervous or scared to prospect, approach, & close people.

Do you ever get approach anxiety or do you ever find yourself feeling nervous or scared to prospect, approach, and close people on your opportunity? If so this is the training for you.

Most people have no idea what they have to offer and approach people with from a position of weakness and timidity. This training will not only fire you up and motivate you like crazy to be bolder and less bashful in your prospecting, approaching, recruiting, and closing, it will help you to understand and unlock the real benefit you have offer with your opportunity… the one most people miss.

By the time this video is done, you’ll understand the two incorrect belief structures people have that are holding you back from exposing more people in both your warm and cold markets, how to overcome them, the proper way to react to haters and dreamstealers, and the proper posture and mindset you need to have before approaching anyone so you always come across strong and from the position of you’re doing them a favor by showing them what you have.

Bonus, this video was filmed at a beautiful resort while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico so the scenery is amazing and just watching the walking tour I give you of the resort while I’m talking is a huge belief builder and a great dream building session in and of itself.

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Cesar L. Rodriguez

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