The Best Posture for Prospecting #DraftingMindset

When it comes to approaching others about your product, service, or opportunity, are you going out into the marketplace with a prospecting mindset or a drafting mindset?

Let me ask you this? Do you ever feel timid, scared, or insecure when it comes to approaching people? If so it’s because your posture is off and you don’t yet have the “Drafting Mindset”.

This training will give you the “drafting mindset” you need to succeed and it will help you re-frame how you see what you do while giving you a deeper appreciation of what you have to offer and how easy your job really is compared to what real work is.

Excuse the wind noise and partial nudity in advance. LoL! I got the idea for this video training pretty spontaneously and it hit me while I was on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico relaxing on my vacation.

I didn’t give much thought to the fact it was pretty windy outside, but it doesn’t matter you’ll still hear everything and get the message.

Just pretend that you and I are hanging out at the beach together and I’m sharing this message one on one with you, because you just shared with me that you’re a little timid when it comes to approaching people or inviting others to take a look at your opportunity.

On another note, it won’t surprise me if after this video and a few others I’ll be filming shortly that my terminology of “drafting” will start to catch on and be used industry wide as another term for prospecting and approaching. When that happens, just know where you heard it first and who brought it to this industry. 😉

Truthfully, though a lot of people quote my stuff all the time, which is totally cool, in fact I love it and it’s one of the greatest compliments I can get.

All I ever ask is that when it happens credit is given where credit is due because some people try to take my authentic trainings and lingo and teach it on big stages and act like they originated it. #Posers … LoL!

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I love reading comments from my friends and fans of my work and I do notice everyone who shares my trainings and please know in advance that I appreciate you. =)

Yours in Success,

Cesar L. Rodriguez
Speaker, Trainer, Success Coach

P.S. Just for fun, if you like and adopt this “drafting mindset” and decide take it into the market place and wanna show off that you’ve got it and are applying it just use the hashtag on facebook and twitter #DraftingMindset.

Example Post: “I’m feeling good and am fired up to hit the field and change some lives today. #DraftingMindset”

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