How to overcome objections and close people immediately, without knowing the answers to their questions

How would you like to know how to get to the real objection every time and know exactly what your prospect needs to hear in order to make an immediate YES buying decision?

All too often we let our prospects drag us on endless journeys answering non-relevant questions and we lose our posture by fetching them answers to questions that will have no direct relevance on whether they get in or not.

Seriously? Why would you want to waste time fetching answering to someone’s questions when even when you get the answer they’re not going to join anyway. Are you some type of dog? Why would you run around doing research to satisfy someone’s curiosity when no matter what you say or do is going to have any impact on whether or decide to  buy or not? Are you some type of dog? Do you enjoy playing fetch for free?

Instead of wasting your time playing fetch, how would you like to know exactly how to act and what to say and do anytime anyone asks you a question or gives you an objection.

Can you imagine how cool it’d be to get an inside look as to how I personally coach and teach my team how to answer their prospect’s objections and questions in such a way so that the prospect buys immediately? Well in this video that’s exactly what you’re going to get!

You’re going to learn a few tricks on how to not get distracted and caught up by your prospect’s “smokescreen objections” and questions and exactly how to get to your prospect’s real objection so you can overcome it, without even having to know the answers to most of their questions…

(Newbies love this trick, because it allows them to close like pros without having to have barely any product knowledge or experience in answering challenging questions) 

Knowing the tricks taught in this video will increase your closing percentages dramatically almost overnight and will most likely cut down the amount of time you’re spending with your prospects so much that you’ll be able to either call on twice as many prospects as you do now or you’ll be able to pick up a new hobby. =)

So buckle in as I take you behind the scenes of a conversation I had with one of my teammates as I let you listen in to what I told him and give you the play by play breakdown on the psychology of exactly why I said what I said.

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On another very real note, instead of giving this training away for free, I was going to include it as a part of an upcoming course I’ve been working on, but at the last minute I decided to give it to you today for free.

I’m not sure if it was a smart idea or not yet, but to determine if I should keep giving away trainings that I probably should be including in my future courses away for free, I’ll be looking really close at the likes, feedback, and amounts of shares I get on this video. The more love and shares this post and video gets, the more appreciative I know my fans are of my generosity and the more likely I’ll be to continue giving trainings like this away for free. =)

What’d you like best and what were your biggest takeaways from this video? Drop a comment below?

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