Your Success-The 3 Words That Are Killing it!

Are you guilty of saying these 3 words? If so it’s probably the root of your lack of motivation and procrastination.

Hop in the passenger side of my car and take a ride with me and receive a 1 on 1 coaching session that you won’t forget!

This video will give you a jolt of motivation & prevent you from ever slipping back into the negative habit pattern of believing the future is a better time to get started than the present.

And if there is no better time to start than the present, then you’re going to get started right away, which will will cause you to have a very bright future ahead of you!


Your Success Depends on Changing Your Vocabulary!

Did you know that your success today depends on making a simple change to your vocabulary? Indeed it does friends, and I am going to share with you those 3 words that are killing your success.

Did you guess what they are yet? They are “as soon as”. I guess my question has always been as soon as what? Think about it folks, those 3 words leave way too much room for you to not do something!

Why? Those 3 words give you nothing less than an EXCUSE!

This powerhouse training is something that I have coached people on more than one occasion, and it’s important that you did in fact watch the video above.

My point for you today is this; the 3 words “as soon as” are more dangerous for your future than me filming a video as I’m driving my car at 60 miles per hour!

Your success depends on really taking to heart what I have to say, so let me touch on a few points here that will explain a bit better the energy that I believe is behind these words, and why you need to get rid of them now!

your success

Your Success Depends on Ending This Dangerous Habit Pattern

When you use the words “as soon as”, it’s almost like you are infecting yourself with a virus of negativity!

You may have seen one of my other videos entitled “Destination Thinking“, and what I am talking about here is the exact same thing.

What is “Destination Thinking”? It’s creating what you believe to be a perfect time or place before you take action. For example: 

  • As soon as I move to a new city!
  • As soon as I make more money at my full-time job!
  • As soon as I get through my divorce!
  • As soon as I get over my cold!
  • As soon as, as soon as, as soon as….when does this end?

So, what’s the bad news? This type of mentality doesn’t work-EVER! The good news? You can choose to change your vocabulary right now, thus changing your success.

You are the one that is in total control, so don’t believe that putting the blame onto something or someone is going to change that for you! 

You decide what you say, and you decide how you think. No one is going to make you a success but you. Do you really need to create this mental permission to create your success? No!

Worse than the fact that it’s procrastination, it’s a story that you created, that is a complete fabrication of your life.It just isn’t true! If you always say, “as soon as”, then tomorrow never comes.

The reality is, that all you need to do is two things:

  1. Confess that you use this garbage as an excuse to impede “your success”!
  2. Change your vocabulary right now by eliminating those 3 words for good!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my video and blog here, and read more about how I can help you reach your success!

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