The 100 No’s List and Challenge!

Transform your business overnight with this revolutionary technique and challenge!
(What started out as simple blog post, has now become a Movement!
This technique and challenge is guaranteed to increase your income and help re-frame how you view rejection instantly! No longer will you feel uncomfortable when you get a “No,” now you’ll celebrate it!

Before you’re even done with the “100 No’s Challenge” you’ll start to notice that:

  • You’re no longer scared of rejection and you look forward to getting it!
  • You’re turning into a fearless prospecting machine!
  • You’re no longer intimidated about talking to people you once were scared to approach!
  • No’s seem to bounce off you like bullets off Superman’s chest!
  • You’re enjoying yourself and your business a whole lot more!
  • Your comfort zone has stretched wider and faster than you ever imagined!
  • You have a new fun, non-threatening approach to contact people you were previously afraid to call!
  • Your activity is going through the roof and you have more prospects “in play” than ever before!
  • More people are interested in your opportunity and are saying “Yes” than you had expected!
  • Prospects will know that you are genuinely unconcerned if they’re not interested, and that gives you a position of strength that creates a natural “take-away” attitude. This no pressure approach is irresistible.  Your prospects will listen with interest and many will say “Yes”!

Watch this video to learn about the “100 No’s Mindset” & Challenge Details!

If you would like to use this video to introduce the “100 No’s Challenge” to others, or as a tool to ask someone to be one of you “No’s”, simply copy and paste the following link in an Email, IM, or on your Facebook wall.

Before we get to the “100 No’s Challenge” there are a few things you should know.

Every top producer in any sales related company will tell you that everything you do in your sales process earns you money, and you can’t get to a “Yes” without going through several “No’s”.

Most people don’t like to hear the word “No” as it conjures up feelings of personal rejection and is associated with a loss of income. This is a completely invalid association. Let me first debunk these two common myths, and then give you a few tools, and the 100 No’s challenge details, so you can start right away to change your mindset and business immediately.

Myth Number 1. When someone says “No” they’re rejecting you.

When someone says “No” to you, they’re not really rejecting you, but your offer or opportunity.  In many cases a prospect’s “No” doesn’t mean “No, I’m not interested, or, am never going to buy or join,” but may mean “Not now” or maybe “Know” As in, “I don’t ‘KNOW’ enough to say Yes yet, try another angle”.  😉

Either way, don’t beat yourself up about it. Don’t allow someone’s lack of value perception affect you personally. It’s kind of like the time your sweetheart broke up with you and used the cliche’ break up line: “It’s not you, it’s me!” (HahahHa!) I know, I know, that was corny comedy, but it’s just like that, and because it’s corny, you’ll remember it and chuckle the next time someone tells you “No.” You’ll know they really just said, “It’s not you, it’s me!” 😆

Myth Number 2. You only get paid for getting a “Yes.”

Most people in sales falsely think that you only get paid when you get a “Yes” to close the deal. This is totally inaccurate backwards thinking. You don’t get paid for getting a Yes anymore than a salaried employee gets a weekly paycheck for what he or she did on that payday. The payday is always based on all the activity of the preceding week!

The incorrect assumption that sales people only get paid for hearing the word “Yes” to “close someone” is why so many people fear going into sales, and why so many have “approach anxiety.” Approach anxiety and nervousness  exists because people focus on whether a prospect says Yes or No. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what they say because you get paid either way! Let me explain.

In sales, although it seems like you only get rewarded and paid on the final step of your sales process (The Close) you really don’t. The final “Yes” is the natural progression of the preceding steps of your sales process. If you had missed any one crucial step such as ‘Approaching or Prospecting that person’ or ‘Following up on them’  you never would’ve gotten that final “Yes” and that final commission. Every step in your sales process earns you money including the “No’s” you had to go through to get to that eventual “Yes.”

Here’s a mathematical example that proves this point:

If you expose 110 people to your offer and 100 people say “No,” but 10 say “Yes,” and your total commission from the people who purchased was $1000, then here’s how you’d calculate what your No’s were worth.

Commission/No’s = Income per “No”

$1000/100  = $10 therefore, each time someone said “No,” you earned $10!

Here’s a screen shot of what this looks like fully broken down on a free website called This is a much more detailed break down of the overall activity. You can see in this picture that it shows the ratios, percentages, and dollar amounts earned per activity. Notice how the calculations for Dollars Earned per “No” equals $10 just as in the example above.

Click the below image to enlarge Yes/No Tracker

Wow, what a revolutionary way to look at getting “No’s!”

Think about it, you get paid to have people tell you “No!” Now that you realize this, what in the world are you waiting for?! Go out there and see how many “No’s” you can get! Each time someone tells you “No,” you should be hearing the “Cha-Ching” sound of a cash register!  Move quickly on to hear more. This is a philosophy that can be summed up in my favorite quote of all time. . . because it’s mine: “Tell me Yes, tell me No, but tell me quick, ’cause I gotta go!”

From now on, don’t worry about getting Yeses, or about having the perfect approach, or of saying all the right things, just go out there and focus on hugely increasing your activity to see how many people you can get to tell you “No.” Sales is a numbers game, if you shift your thinking to focus on exposures, instead of trying to get “Yeses,” your anxiety will drop, you’ll be more relaxed, less emotional, you’ll have more fun, and the Yeses will come as a natural result of you exposing more people.

As my incredibly wise mentor Mr. Larry Gregory once told me, when he was first schooling me on the Law of Averages: “You can’t say the right thing to the wrong people, and you can’t say the wrong thing to the right people, so just go out there, be busy, and talk to more people!”

So here’s my gift to help you put this new philosophy into practice!

The 100 No’s Challenge!

The 100 No’s Challenge is a game that you can play alone or with others. The results you will get from stepping up to the challenge in this game will absolutely amaze you!

Here’s how it works:

Included below is a sheet document called the “100 No’s List.” That sheet has 100 boxes in it. Your goal is to fill them with the names of everyone you properly expose to your product, service, or opportunity, who tells you “No.” Your goal is to fill up that sheet with 100 “No’s” as fast as humanly possible! It may take days, weeks, or months, but regardless of how long it takes, make a commitment right now that you’ll start and finish the game!

Step #1) Print out the following 3 documents.

1) Full Contact Sheet “100 Names List”

Use this generic contact sheet to write the names of everyone you know or meet. Writing down a list of your contacts is the first step in any and every business. You don’t need these people to say “Yes,” or to be interested in what you’re doing, you just need to inform them of your opportunity. If they’re not interested after you’ve exposed them, they’ll count as one of your “Qualified No’s” but may end up being a great source of referrals. (Print several copies of this sheet, your goal should be to get over 100 names on these sheets.)

Click Here to GET the Full Contact Sheet Final Pdf (Recommended)

Click the Below image to SEE the Full Contact Sheet in Jpeg Format

Full Contact Sheet Jpeg Format



2) The Memory Joggers Sheet

This sheet is designed to help you grow your contact list by leaps and bounds! If you take the time to go through this Memory Joggers Sheet, you’ll be blown away by how many more names you add to your Contact Sheets. Although you many not know all the numbers of the people who come to mind, write their names on your list anyway and worry about getting the numbers later. For now just focus on getting a long hefty list.

Click Here to GET the “Memory Jogger” in Pdf Format Recommended

Click the Below image to SEE the Memory Jogger Sheet in Jpeg format


memory jogger sheet jpg


3) The “100 No’s List”

This is where you’ll list your “Qualified No’s.” Once you’ve fully and properly exposed someone, are done following up with them because you’re convinced that their final answer is “No,” then you place them on this list.

Click Here to GET the “100 Nos List” in Pdf Format (Recommended)

Click the below image to SEE the “100 No’s List” in Jpeg Format


“100 No’s List” Jpeg Format

**Bonus Video #1 ** To help you build a HUGE list watch this quick training video!**

How to Build a HUGE list using Facebook and your Cell Phone!

[youtube width=”520″ height=”318″][/youtube]


Step #2) Familiarize yourself with the Rules.

Here are the rules for the 100 No’s Challenge:

  • Operate with an integrity first mindset. Don’t cheat yourself or others. Judging is typically done on the honor system or by random verification. Whichever way you choose to operate, don’t do anything that could be perceived as cheating in any way.


  • Include first and last names on the sheet. Especially if you’re competing against others. That way in competition, “No’s” can be verified if need be. You should also squeeze the date in the box if possible (Ex. John Doe 2/25). We realize the boxes aren’t that big and everybody’s handwriting is different, so if yours is so big that you can’t fit a person’s full name and date in the boxes then fine, but you most certainly should want to.


  • You have to start fresh. Only “No’s” from the present and future count. No back dating the sheet or writing down “No’s” from past exposures.


  • Fill in the “Red Starred Boxes” with six figure earners only. On the 100 No’s List you’ll see 12 boxes are highlighted in red and have little * stars in them.  Those boxes must contain names of people who told you “No,” and who currently earn a six figure or more income. (In many cases this will help you to stretch your comfort zone.) If you don’t know many people in that income bracket, get referrals. Ask friends: “Who do you know earns six-figures?”
  • Start immediately! No lolly-gagging! As soon as you print the sheet the race has begun! Write down the starting date and go! Move as fast as you possibly can. This is a game of speed.
  • You must do a proper and full exposure using a 3rd party tool. Examples of 3rd party tools or acceptable exposures include, but are not limited to: Pre-recorded presentation calls (sizzle calls), Website presentations, Sit downs with a Flipchart, Live Events, DVD video presentations. . . etc. that the prospect actually watched.


  • Only “Qualified No’s” count. Just telling someone about your offer or opportunity doesn’t count. For a “No” to be eligible for your list, the prospect must have reviewed something and then said “No.” This is a great rule, because some people will review the information just to be one of your “Qualified No’s” but may like what they see and say “Yes.”
  • People on the fence who haven’t made a decision yet, don’t count. If someone hasn’t quite said “No” or said  “Yes,” then they are “on the fence” and don’t count for anything. Get those thinkers off the fence and into a category ASAP! Yes or No. If it’s a Yes they buy, if it’s a No, they’re on your No’s list. If they’re pending, they do nothing for you.  Move them to the next exposure as soon as possible, and continue doing so until they give a final decision that puts them into a category.


  • You can say whatever you want. For example, you can say in your approach: Hey Mr. Prospect, I’m a part of a contest right now where I get paid to have 100 people tell me they’re not interested in buying what I’m selling, or in getting involved with what I’m doing.  I’m  hoping I could stop by and give you a quick presentation to see if you might be one of my ‘No’s.” This is TOTALLY Acceptable and is a great approach! You can take your “100 No’s List” and show it to confirm what you’ve said. Once your  presentation is done, have them put their name on your list.

**Bonus Video #2** To help you in your race we’ve made a video that you can post on your Facebook wall, in messages, or in emails, that will do the above mentioned approach for you!

This video will have prospects contacting you asking if they can help you out with your challenge by being one of your “No’s”

[youtube width=”520″ height=”318″][/youtube]

If you like this video you can copy and paste the following link onto your Facebook wall and the video will automatically embed and play right from Facebook.

Click below if you “Like” this video =)


Step #3) Follow these tips.

  • How to get someone who isn’t interested to take a look. If someone tells you “No, I’m not interested” before you get a chance to go into any details, it doesn’t count as a “Qualified No.”  So if that happens, reply with something like: “Great! It’s OK if you’re not interested, this company pays me each time someone reviews what I have to show them and says “No.” I’m in a competition to see who can get to 100 No’s fastest. Would you do me a huge favor? Check out what we do anyway, then say “No” again,  I can then officially get credit for the “No.” Put them on a sizzle call, on a website or find a way to do a full exposure and presentation. You’ll be surprised how many of these avid “No’s” turn into “Yeses” once they’ve reviewed what you have to show them. 😉
  • Use any scripts and approaches your leadership instructs you to use. Consider the scripts and approaches mentioned on this website as extra tools in your arsenal. The “I Get Paid To Get ‘No’s Script” or the “Help Me Out and Be One of My Qualified No’s Approach” are good ones, but they shouldn’t always be your first approach. Use the scripts and approaches your leaders and mentors recommend. If you use one of their recommended scripts and it doesn’t work, it’s easy to quickly switch to one of the above mentioned scripts and just ask someone to be one of your No’s.


  • We highly recommend you get others involved in this game! Doing this is a fun way to generate some friendly competition and make it interesting. Although you’re running your own race and primarily competing against yourself to get your best time, like in any race, you’ll find that competition will really juice you up and push you that much more. We recommend competition with a workout partner, a team or a group of people using accountability calls and “check ins” to see how everyone is doing. This will keep everyone motivated. Turning this into a contest with prizes is also an incredible way to generate explosive results within any organization or team, and we highly recommend it.
  • Sending your potential recruiting prospects to this page is a GREAT IDEA! If you have people who you’re trying to recruit into your business, but they’re on the fence and hesitant to get started because they don’t like sales, have never done sales, or aren’t sure if your business fits them, sending them here might be a great idea for you. Most people avoid sales related positions because they think they can’t convince people to say “Yes,” and are afraid of rejection. Once they’ve read through the information on this page and the challenge details, they’ll have learned that a “No” doesn’t equal failure, that you get paid for them too and that rejection is nothing personal.  Once they understand that this coupled  with some product knowledge and the 100 No’s Challenge, is all they need to get started, they’ll be pretty excited to get going! Don’t be surprised if after reviewing this site your prospect says: “Oh, is this all I have to do to be successful in your business? I just have to learn how to do an ‘exposure,’ play this ‘100 No’s game’ and see how fast I can get people to tell me ‘No?’  Well heck, I stink at sales, I’ll probably be great at getting ”No’s’  and if I can get paid to get ‘Nos’ then count me in! When do I start?!”
  • Always be prepared to show your list to others! Not just for competition purposes, but for training purposes. If you’re a leader, or one day hope to be a leader of sales people, then showing your list is a great tool. It’s one thing to talk something, it’s another thing to walk it. Nothing beats showing that you practice what you preach. Nothing shows your commitment to the process more than showing your own “100 No’s List.” It will serve as a great training tool for the future and it shows that you lead by example. Do what you expect of others!
  • Don’t just take this challenge one time! Once you’ve completed the challenge once, go back and try to beat your best time! Let the “100 No’s Challenge” be a part of your regular business model. Frame your list somewhere as it’s an incredible accomplishment, celebrate it, because you definitely earned it. Start it again with some new people to compete against or work with.
  • Don’t do weak exposures, or take this challenge to such an extreme that you turn “Yeses” into “No’s.” Don’t forget that you do want to get Yeses, and that you get paid for them! The goal of this game is to help you re-frame how you view rejection, and to help you treat sales like the numbers game that it is. Yeses will come naturally as a result of exposing many people properly. If you approach someone with “I need you to be one of my No’s” Also let them know that they ARE allowed to say “Yes.” Remember that some people will buy just to help, and you don’t want to miss those easy sales as you emphasized that you were looking for a “No.” Give everyone the benefit of a proper enthusiastic presentation and a full exposure, so that they want to say “Yes” to your product.
  • Don’t be afraid to handle objections that can turn a “No” into a “Yes.” People don’t often say “Yes” after only one exposure. Sometimes a prospect has to be exposed to an opportunity 5-7 times before saying “Yes.” Sometimes there are objections that must be handled, or questions that must be answered before that final “Yes.” Don’t skip or shortcut these very important steps of your sales process. Getting a “Qualified No” should take more than one exposure and sometimes a few days. If someone says “No” but is still open to reviewing more information, or talking to someone else to have concerns addressed, don’t be too quick to mark the prospect as a “No.” that’s a maybe. Make sure you’ve given every person everything you’ve got and exhausted your resources to assist.  After that, keep the prospect in your follow-up pipeline.
  • Commit to Personal Development. It’s important to engage in personal development so that you are constantly improving you skills. Commit to continual training so that you can get better at handling objections, answering questions, and refining your processes. If you got 5 Yeses out of the first 100 No’s, you want better results the second time you do the challenge. Hopefully by the second set of 100 No’s, you will have doubled or bettered your Yeses. Developing your skills with books, audio trainings, and seminars is crucial.
  • If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. If you’re successful doing what you’re doing, and saying what you’re saying, then don’t change a thing! Don’t use any of the approaches we mentioned on this page. However, regardless of how well you’re doing, it would benefit you greatly to take the 100 No’s Challenge.  Track your No’s so you can discover what your ratios are and how how much each “No” is worth to you. You can do it manually using the sheets, or you can use
  • Follow up, Follow up, Follow up! Don’t think that just because someone says “No” that it’s really “No”or that it’s unchangeable. As I said in the beginning, most times they may be just saying: “Not Now” or “I don’t know enough to say yes yet, try another angle.” Keep everyone in your pipeline, follow up until you’re sure that their final “No” is an educated decision. Ask them if it’s okay to keep them informed over time, and follow up in the future. You never know, things may change for them, and for your business.  At a later date, your opportunity may be a better fit for them. You may get that “Yes” then. Never burn any bridges and always stay positive, upbeat, and excited about your business and what it can do for them.
  • Setup a Free account! is a Fun, Free, and Simple way to do track your activity, discover your ratios, and how much money you earn per activity, instantly and automatically. Activity Tracker™ is fully customizable. You can set it up to track whatever you want. For example, to track your activity just enter your numbers, push a button and it automatically calculates your ratios, percentages, and money earned per activity, instantly and in real-time. If you use it with your “100 No’s list” it will do the math, keep track of your activity, your commissions and your percentages on an ongoing basis for getting “Yeses” and “No’s.” You won’t have to wait until you’re finished with the challenge to discover your final tally or the value of your activities. Sign up for an account, once in it, Add the View “Yes/No Tracker.” You won’t have to set up anything,  just plug in you activity and go!

If you didn’t see it before, here’s a screen shot of what and the “Yes/No Tracker” looks like. Click to enlarge the below thumbnails.

Click the below image to Enlarge Yes/No Tracker
The “Yes/No Tracker” Designed for the  “100 No’s list Challenge” (Click to Enlarge)

This next screen shot contains a few text bubbles to better explain how works. This template is called Sample Template 2 and is set as default with every account. To learn more about Set up an account, it’s 100% Free, and watch the Quick Start Video. If you click on any of the highlighted links on this page, you’ll start out with an invitation code that will automatically add the 100 No’s List “Yes/No Tracker” to your account. It will be found loaded in the “Recommended Views” tab of your Views Library. Click here to setup a free account and to start out with the “Yes/No Tracker” added automatically.

Click the below image to Enlarge Sample Template 2 Example of “Sample Template 2”


  • Don’t keep this a secret! Give back to others and share this site with your friends, co-workers, uplines, downlines, sidelines, team members, workout partners, and anyone else you’d like to introduce to this. Spread the love! Share this revolutionary new approach to building your business with others. The good news is you’ll probably expand your network and create some healthy competition with others to keep you motivated.
  • Click the like button below to let me know you liked this page, and click the social media links to share this page on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you like.
  • What could happen if you shared this?  The best could be that someone you didn’t suspect had an interest, reads this information, loves it and wants to learn more about your business or what you sell. People want and need something that pays even while getting some “No’s”!  What is the worst? Friends who are not in sales learn that the profession is not about being pushy, but about having fun meeting people, planting seeds of opportunity, earning a good living and self development.
  • Last and Final Tip! Get to work! Don’t just read through all of this and go, “Wow, that’s interesting, what a novel concept.” Print the included docs, fold the “100 No’s list” in your pocket and take it everywhere you go. Show it to people that you expose to your product, service, or opportunity. Get out there and start to broadly expose everyone you can as fast as you can!

Well there you have it, your mind should be swimming with excitement!

By the time you’ve completed the “100 No’s Challenge,” I can assure you that you’ll be a changed man/woman. You will likely have gotten more Yeses than you can handle, and will be laughing all the way to the bank! 😀

Not only that, but we’re giving out an award to the person who gets through there 100 No’s the fastest!

Here’s a picture of the award! If you want to be in the running let us know. Drop a comment below!

100 no's award
Click to Enlarge

If you want to be in the running let us know. Drop a comment below! Unless we’ve heard from you personally, we won’t be able to verify your official start date if you don’t drop a comment below saying something like “Count me in!”

If you liked what you learned on this page, let me know!

You can drop a comment below to let the world know you were here and that you’ve accepted the “100 No’s Challenge.” Or you can just say “Hey!” to let me and the world know you enjoyed this article and got something positive from it.

If you have any ideas that you’d like to share, modifications you recommend to the existing rules or documents included, please let me know by dropping a comment or clicking on the “Contact” tab above.

Special note from the author:

The “100 No’s Challenge” and this training was originally created as a post to my personal blog so that’s why this page looks the way it does with the giant header above. You’re invited to check out the rest of my blog posts and trainings. This site, however, is my personal blog, so it’s not all business, be prepared for that!

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