Awesome NLP Pattern Interrupt Question for Overcoming Objections & Frustration

In this training you’re going learn a NLP Pattern Interrupt question I created that is modification of something I originally learned from Tony Robbins.

Watch this video and take a drive with me in my car as I share one with you one of my favorite personal pattern interrupt questions as well as a fun story of how I used it to make a killer contact with an incredible sales person. 


NLP is a bit of a controversial method of communication to some in academic world, but honestly to me, it’s awesome and has a lot of uses and applications.

NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic programming.

An NLP Pattern Interrupt Question is a question that when asked is designed to interrupt ones current thinking pattern and train of thought so that a new idea, thought, or question can be inserted in to shift ones thinking away from the original thought pattern.

Asking yourself the pattern interrupt question “What else could this mean?” and executing the chin rubbing motion I demonstrate in this video whenever you find yourself in the middle of a frustrating or challenging situation will immediately interrupt your current train of thought.

The benefit to using this NLP Pattern Interrupt question is that while you’re in the heat of the moment and in “reaction mode” asking yourself this question will switch your mind into a more “inquisitive mode” and your brain will start to focus on answering the question you just asked.

You’ll start to notice that your mind and body will move into a much more empowering state where you will look to learn from the situation and get something of value from it.

The interesting thing is when you look for something, you tend to find it. As Jim Rohn once said “Finding is reserved for searchers.”

Use this NLP Pattern Question and Chin Rubbing Motion whenever…

  • Your mind starts to slip into the negative
  • You find yourself frustrated with something or someone
  • A prospect gives your a ridiculous objection
  • You find yourself in an argument with someone
  • You’re trying to figure out why something bad just happened

I can promise you that this simple yet killer NLP Pattern Interrupt question will keep you calm, cool, & collected in frustrating times as well as when overcoming objections in selling or recruiting situations.

It’s limitless applications will serve you the rest of your life… as long as you remember to use it. =)

One last tip, be sure to share my patented pattern interrupt question with your significant other, friends, family, and team.

This will not only help them to live a more stress free life and do better in business, but it will most likely help them to put up with you the next time you tick them off. Hahaha!

Seriously though, I’d love to hear your feedback and results from using this technique. If you like what you’ve learned click “Like” below and feel free to share this post.

I’d especially love it if you dropped a comment below so I can hear your immediate feedback.

If you use this pattern interrupt today or any day please come back to this post and drop a comment and share your story so others can see how you used it to help you.

I’d love nothing more than for everyone who visits this post in the future to hear your story! =)

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