Why is there an investment? Answered. Featuring Cesar’s Sister!

Do you ever feel a little nervous or anxious when you get to the part in your presentation where you mention how much the investment is to get started with your business opportunity?… C’mon be honest. I know I used to.

Heck when I was new I used to wish joining my opportunity was free just so I didn’t have to “clam up” when I got to the part in the presentation where I had to mention the initial investment required to become a representative.

I can still remember today how nervous I used to get and how I’d practically be crossing my fingers and toes hoping that my prospect wouldn’t get turned off and walk away from the table the minute I mentioned there was an investment and told them how much it was to get started.

I hated answering questions  like… “Why do I have to pay to get in?”  and I’d always get frustrated combating ignorant people who would say things like “I was always taught that if it costs money to get in, it’s probably a scam”. Arrrg!

Well, if you’ve been following me for any amount of time you’ve probably heard me say “Facts tell and Stories Sell!”

So what I wanted to do to today was arm you with a powerful 3rd party story that will give you a tremendous amount of confidence in what you have to offer.

And if you memorize and share this story, or just show your prospects this video, if they’re smart, they’ll probably see a new perspective they didn’t consider before and this story will help to re-frame them as why there’s an investment to get started in your business… and in most professional jobs.


I hope you enjoyed this video and blog post. If you’re a network marketer or in a position where you offer opportunities to people where an initial investment is required and you haven’t been coming from a position of posture and strength on what you have to offer, I hope you will from here on out.

And I bet you now have an even better understanding of the tremendous value you have to offer. Am I right? =)

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If you have a team chances are a lot of them are just like I was back in the day and not sharing their opportunity with the strength, posture, and confidence they should be…

Chances are a lot of them are probably choking and getting nervous, like I used to, when they talk about the investment required to get started in your opportunity. My advice would be to share this blog post and video with them. I can only help.

I’d also recommend bookmarking this page and sharing this blog post and video with anyone you show your opportunity to that wonders why there’s an investment to get started, complains about it, says they need to “think about” whether or not they want to join, or thinks that joining your business costs a lot of money… because in reality, joining your business doesn’t cost a lot of money.

What does cost a lot of money is paying $150,000 for a 5yr degree and then thousands of dollars on books, practice exams, and tests after you’ve already graduated!

This video may serve as a serious “reality check” to any prospect who doesn’t yet understand the power of the incredible opportunity you have to offer. Where else can you take so little capital and turn it into a fortune with just little bit of sweat equity.

P.S. I specialize in making people stronger, tougher, and bolder and arming them with new strategies to help shift people’s mindsets so they can see things clearer and make better informed decisions. If you enjoyed this post and are feeling stronger already, and you’re not already subscribed to my email list, feel free to do so now on this page. And as a bonus you’ll get my 7 day prospecting and closing training course for FREE the minute you sign up.

P.P.S. If you know an architect, a doctor or any other professional that had to go through anything similar to what my sister is having to go through, give em a big ole hug! They went through a lot to get where they are and they deserve some serious love! =)

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