Get Tough Training! How to become tough, fearless, & not care what others think.

Have you ever felt scared or intimidated to approach or call someone? Ever felt paralyzed by fear or scared of what someone might say?

Ever gotten crap from skeptical friends and family? Has it ever knocked the wind out of your sails and affected your enthusiasm and focus? If so, then you’re gonna love today’s video…

I call it my “Get Tough Training”, because it’ll help you develop the tough rhino-like skin you need to become immune to rejection and the opinions of others. Enjoy…


Here’s a couple of takeaways from the video to always remember…

If you want to succeed and make big money you gotta be tough and stop caring so much about what others think and to not let the opinions of others sway you. Let the haters hate.

Work on developing that umpire-like focus. All umpires, referees, and professional athletes catch hell from spectators. It’s a part of the job. It’s also one of the reasons they get paid so much. Embrace it.

Learn to drown out the noise of the crowd and stay focused on the game in front of you and NEVER let “them” see you sweat. Once people know they can get inside your head, they’ll never stop. No one can affect you if you don’t let them.

Remember that whenever you’re feeling fear, anxiety, and apprehension when it comes to prospecting, calling, and closing people it’s probably because you’re focusing too much on what someone else might think…

When this happens, just take a deep breath remember to have the “umpire mindset” I shared with you in this video and just come to that realization that what “they” think doesn’t matter. Just put the blinders on do what you need to do to get the task at hand done.

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I honestly think this may end up being one of my most shared posts and videos of all time, because I believe that every smart person with a team will want their team to watch this video & read this post so they can develop the tough skin they need to kick *ss and take names! =)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot my favorite part… Be sure to drop a comment and let me know what you thought of this training. I love reading your comments and hearing your feedback. If you do happen to share this training with others let me know in a comment below!

Whenever anyone shares my trainings with their team or others, to me it’s the biggest compliment and thanks I can get from a person and I’d love to know who my most appreciative and grateful fans are by hearing that you shared this training in a comment below. =)

P.S. Let me know if you liked the additional fun bonus I included at the end and if you think I should include more fun spontaneous stuff like that.

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