How to Handle Objections from Warm Market Prospects -Script Included

When most people in sales and network marketing try to handle and overcome objections from their Warm Market Prospects (aka friends, family, co-workers, neighbors etc) they usually end up falling apart and coming across as desperate or high pressure.

One of the most important things sales professionals and network marketers need to realize is that people don’t want to buy from or join people who are desperate and/or high pressure. People want to work with winners and people who don’t need them to succeed.

So the more your posture and positioning indicates that you’re the one doing your prospect a favor, not the other way around, and that you value their business, but don’t need it, the more attractive you and your offer will seem in their eyes.

This is why if you’ve followed me for awhile, seen my videos and blog posts, or have invested in any of my advanced training courses, you’ll notice that I always place a huge emphasis on making sure you exude strong posture, positioning, and framing.

If a prospect can smell “the scent of weakness or desperation” coming off of you, they’re either consciously or unconsciously not going to want to buy or join you.

And when it comes to dealing with the people that you know best, your warm market, you gotta keep in mind that they’re pros at picking up the subtle changes that occur in you when you’re nervous, desperate, or high pressure.

So when attempting to prospect, invite, sell, recruit, or handle objections from your warm market, it’s extremely important to make sure your posture is strong and that they know that you’re the one doing them a favor by offering them your product service or opportunity.

One epic and super effective way to do this is to handle any objections, skepticism or negative comments you get from your warm market prospects the way I outline in the below video and downloadable script I created that goes with this video and blog post.

I shot this video immediately after effectively using the unique objection handling technique and script I shared in the video on one of my good friends.

After I using this technique to reframe him, he wound up going from being skeptical and negative to buying from me and joining my team immediately.

Shortly after enrolling him I pulled out my video camera and shot this video to share with you what I consider one of my best kept objection handling techniques and secrets.

However, after watching this video training I realized that it might be kind of tough for some people to pause the video and try to write down what I was saying word for word.

There are only four key phrases and parts that make the script I share in this video work.

But because I’m telling a story as I’m teaching you this script in the video, I later realized that it might be kind of hard to tell what those four key parts are.

So to be extra cool to you, I took the time create a FREE downloadable 6 Page Scriptbook that accompanies this video.

It includes a newly updated and easier to follow version of the objection handling script used in the video below…

And because I like to go the extra mile, it also comes with a complete breakdown of the psychology used behind every line, so you understand why you’re saying what you’re saying so you can modify and use this script to overcome a virtually limitless amount of objections.

So with that being said, enjoy the video training below and click the button below the video to download My Free 6 Page Warm Market Objection Handling Scriptbook.

I’m sure you’re gonna love it! =)


To download the FREE 6 Page Warm Market Objection Handling Scriptbook I created for you that accompanies this video and blog post, simply click the big red button below. Just do me a favor and keep me posted on how you like it and how it helps you out. =)

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