The Secret to Motivating Yourself to Hustle!

If you’ve ever struggled with motivating yourself to do what you know you need to do to build your business and chase your dreams, you’re gonna love this video!

It’s short (less than 6 minutes), fiery, and it’s filled with golden nuggets!

It also contains a “Cesarism” (self made quote) that when used properly will help you close more sales, get more Yesses, and if you’re in network marketing, this powerhouse line will…

Help you recruit prospects who are hesitant to buy or join because of un-supportive spouses, friends, family members, and/or negative posts that they see online.

You’ll be surprised how often I’ve used this one line on prospects and had them reply…

“Ya know what, you’re right! Let’s do this, I’m ready to get started!”

 In other words, not only will this video share with you the secret to motivating yourself to hustle, but it’ll also serve as a great recruiting and objection handling tool.

So in addition to this video helping you tap into your own motivation to move forward in your business and in life, sharing this video with your prospects may help to motivate them them to want to move forward with you and your business as well.

Here’s a tip on how to do that… As you watch and listen to this video think about who else would benefit from the message you’re hearing.

 Personally, I’m going to send this video to all my current and future…

  • Prospects who are hesitant to move forward because of un-supportive spouses, friends, or family members.
  • Teammates who aren’t producing as much as I know they’re capable of, which is just about everyone on my team.
  • Brand new reps who join my team so they stay motivated throughout their journey and don’t slow down or quit when they encounter rejection and No’s.

Those are just a few examples of how I’m gonna use this video. However you choose to use it is completely up to you.

 One final tip, before you press play…

I recommend that you watch this video more than once, not so that you hear my sexy voice over and over again, but because…

I cover a lot in this short video and each time you listen to it, you’ll hear new things. How do I know this?

Because in editing this video I went through it about 10 times from start to finish and each time I seemed to pick up and hear new things that I forgot I even said when I was shooting this video.

I don’t know if that’s embarrassing or awesome. LoL!



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Your friend and coach,

Cesar L. Rodriguez


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