The tests and traps you must pass in order to succeed.

If you want to achieve success, especially in network marketing, there are a few tests you must pass in order to succeed.

In this exclusive training Cesar Rodriguez breaks down these tests and traps to his private group of his personal coaching students that are a part of his R10 Challenge (The Recruit 10 in 10 Challenge).

If you enjoyed this training and would like to see the entire training along with an archive of over 100 of Cesar's best of the best videos not found on YouTube or anywhere else, you can join his Recruit 10 in 10 Challenge group here:

You can join this challenge for 10 days or upgrade to be an ongoing monthly member.

All R10 members receive access to Cesar's legendary 10 day recruiting blitz program that comes with his personal training, mentorship, & coaching and is specifically designed to help you recruit at least 10 people in 10 days.

All R10 members also get direct access to Cesar & the ability to ask him questions as well as an entire community containing some of his best of the best students to support you along your journey along with over 100+ training videos & an entire social media marketing & recruiting course.

Doors to the challenge only open occasionally, however they are open right now & you can join for the next challenge for $97 & upgrade to be a monthly member for only $47 more right now.

If you have questions or want to see testimonials from other students go to or...

You can also go to Cesar's Instagram at: and watch the story highlight called R10 Challenge to see what others are saying about this challenge.

Last, but not least if you haven't yet been to Cesar's site in awhile check it out. 

It's brand new with tons of new content:

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