Making 10 friends in 2 hours. #10FriendsChallenge

Before the pandemic, in 2019 after 3 back to back trips & several days of locking myself in my house so I could stay laser focused on a few big projects, I decided that it was time to go out & get some human interaction.

I posted on my Instagram story before I left my house that I was going out with the intention of making 10 new friends that night. What you see in this video is what happened next. 

I challenge everyone reading this to set a goal for yourself to make 10 new friends "face to face", as soon as possible. You can do it in whatever time frame you choose. It might take a week, a day, or if you're like me, less than 2 hours.  

Tips for making 10 friends fast: Spark up a conversation, get to know them, get their number to stay in touch or follow one another on social media. Your choice. Just don't let it be a hi & bye without having some way to stay in touch. 

The goal of life isn't just to see how much money you can make or how jacked you can become. At the end of the day relationships & contributions are what matters most. 

And now more than ever, with depression & loneliness at all time highs & people walking around with their faces hidden behind masks & buried in their cell phones as they walk around, people need good friends & healthy relationships. 

So why not challenge yourself to go out, stand out, & be that friend for someone else or find that awesome friend or partner you wish you had. You never know, the next person you meet could be your new best friend or life partner. 

Personally, 2 years later, I'm still very good friends with several of people I met in this video. I've hung out with several of them, had them come to my house parties, & even celebrate my birthday with me. 

In fact that one girl, Linda Smith, at the end of the video recently left me one of the most thoughtful birthday cards I've ever received when she came to my birthday party last month. 

The deep friendship we have today & that I have with several of the other people I met that night never would've happened if I didn't challenge myself to make 10 new friends that evening. So go out there & do likewise my friend. You got this. Be bold & have fun! 

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