Suck it up and Step it up! How to Develop the Mindset of a Beast!

If you want to win big in business and win big in life you need to develop a super strong mindset… the mindset of a champion.

In the short and fiery 4:19 second video below you’ll discover 2 steps, that if you follow, will help you develop the attitude and mindset you need to conquer and dominate anything you put your mind or hands to.

I think it’s important that you know that I wasn’t always the tough, thick skinned, and results-driven person I am today.

I used to have a weak mind, make excuses, and give really great academy award winning performances sharing really convincing stories to my mentor, and myself, about why I couldn’t do what needed to be done in order to succeed.

Those stories and excuses never served me and if I didn’t have anyone who cared enough about me to snap me back in line and give me some tough love, who knows where I’d be today…  I know I certainly wouldn’t where I am today.

I’d probably be just another average Joe Schmoe hating my average life, average job, and average paychecks. Luckily for me, my mentor Mr. Gregory was tough as nails, cared about me lot and was a leader… Larry Gregory and Cesar Rodriguez

Like all leaders, he told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. He helped to cleanse me of my excuses, diseases of attitude, and weakness. He bred me to be hardcore… to be a BEAST. And I thank God he did.

Today my wish for you is to be as open minded as I was to receiving some tough love and this hardcore mindset training from me so you too can develop the strong mindset you need to become a Beast and achieve all your wildest goals and dreams. =)


Everyday strive to implement these 2 mindset hacks and say the words I share in this video to yourself and before you know it, who knows 6 months from now, you may just end up looking back at the “you of today” and thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe 6 months ago I ever used cry, complain, make excuses, or get shaken up by the smallest of things.”

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