Story Telling in Sales Bootcamp- Why Use 3rd Party

Story Telling in Sales Boot Camp Training Series -Why use 3rd Party!

Did you know that story telling in sales, and using a 3rd party, can be more important than using your mouth! In this video that you are about to watch, you’ll learn the balance between first party and 3rd party.


It has been said that “telling is selling“, and if you have been in sales for any length of time you know this to be true.

While this is in fact true, you also want to use this to direct prospects to a 3rd party with that story.

In most cases, this will be the individual that sponsored you. The beauty in this is that you can use story telling to draw your prospects in, and share with them how the product or service you have actually could help them. 

Remember, the key is to help them, and the story simply directs them.You might be laughing at the way I talk about this in the training video, but it’s true that you can use the line, “but all I know is”, and easily direct the individual you are speaking to into your story.

Story Telling is Really Sharing with Them the Business Opportunity Without a Sales Pitch!

As you know folks, you make your money in network marketing by recruiting people into your business. It’s effective, and I’ve never known someone to try it without success.

This doesn’t mean that they sign up for even buy the product or service the first time around, but ultimately story telling is the most successful way to share what you are doing and why they would want to do the same.

If you learned something about this video of “story telling” and using 3rd party testimonial, then keep reading what’s below to learn more!

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