Set an Appointment to Close-Sales Bootcamp

Set an Appointment to Close-Sales Boot Camp

This training will teach you the mastery of how to set an appointment.

No longer will you be stood up for appointments and wonder what happened. This training will make you a very strong at how to set an appointment!

When you want to grow your business, ultimately a part of that will be to set an appointment, right?

To set an appointment isn’t hard, as long as you do it the right way! If you have ever been to my training sessions or watched my videos before, you know that I talk about how important it is to get in front of as many people as possible.

After all the more people you get in front of, the more chances you get to grow your business.

Part of this is to set an appointment! So, what is the magic in setting appointments and how do you do it? If you are at a loss then watch my video again, but if you did that already, keep reading!

set an appointment

Set an Appointment by Being Specific!

Did you know that you can easily set an appointment when you are more specific in your approach with people?

For example, in the video I tell you why you probably aren’t getting the appointments you want!

If you ask someone if they are available, what do you think they will tell you?

They will tell you they aren’t sure, and this gives them the out.

Be direct, and give them options like;

  1. Mornings or afternoons?
  2. Afternoons or evenings?
  3. 1 pm or 4 pm?

This is more specific, then they have to choose. When you give them a follow up call ask them if they are good at keeping appointments!

They won’t tell you no because if they did they would put themselves on the spot!

When you give them a follow up call to remind them of the appointment and you ask them if they are sure that they are a good appointment keeper, then they will have a hard time NOT showing up! 

Keep it simple, and remember, to “set an appointment” is how you grow your business, so start getting in front of as many people as possible on a daily basis!

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