The Rank Up Challenge

Tanya & I want to help you hit the next level in your company so passionately that we’ve put together a contest where we’re giving away an epic vacation for two!

And to help you win it, we’ve put together a comprehensive 8 week coaching & mentoring program you can participate in that would cost you less than hiring us each of us for a 15 minute coaching session!

Watch this video below to hear me share what we’re doing and why it’s different than anything you’ve ever seen before and then click the link below to see the full overview page for The Rank Up Challenge and to register for it, if you think it’s a fit for you.

Participation is optional, but if you want to join, please know that registration closes this Monday, Nov 15th @ midnight. So watch this video ASAP to learn more and find out if this program is right for you.

Click here to learn more about The Challenge:

P.S. You’ll probably want to share this video and challenge with your team so they can be trained by us and participate with you. Especially because we actually offer a discounted admission if you join with someone else. 😉

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