How to Handle Dream Stealers & Haters Like A BOSS!

Want Two EXTREMELY Powerful Scripts for Handling Dream Stealers & Haters Like A BOSS!? If so then you’re gonna LOVE this video and blog post!

When delivered properly these approaches will have you shutting down and re-framing anyone who dares to try to come against you and your business with their hater words and dream stealing comments… and YES, these can be used on negative spouses too. 😉

In fact when you use the second approach I share in this video and deliver it with the proper passion and conviction, you’ll be shocked how many dream stealers and haters end up switching gears, apologizing to you, and wind up changing from a “hater” to “celebrator” and even end up defending you against other haters in the future.

That’s right, when you deliver the second script with the right amount of passion, conviction, and confidence you’ll literally be shocked at many people who were once your worst haters, will actually start rooting for you and taking your side against other haters!

How do I know? Because it’s happened to me on multiple occasions. 😉

A quick note about dream stealers and haters. It’s important to understand that just like bullying, the reason why many people get bullied is simply because they allow themselves to get bullied by not standing up for themselves.

With dream stealers and haters, the minute you stand up for yourself in a professional and postured way and prove that you’re unshakable, you’ll be surprised how many of them back down and change their tune.

So watch this video as many times as you need to in order to not just understand the psychology of a hater and what makes them tick, but also to study the posture, conviction, and delivery I use when I what I say in this video.

Remember it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. 😉


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