How to get reps started and confident faster

You’re about to learn one of the easiest, yet most overlooked steps you can instantly add to your initial “getting started training” process with all of the new reps you bring on board that will not only have a HUGE impact on their confidence level, but also will skyrocket the amount of calls they initially make and the results they get from those calls.

So because they’ll actually be making more calls and getting instant results they’ll be more excited, stay in the game longer, and will actually have a decent chance to succeed versus doing what most new reps do which is quit right away or disappear due to frustration and disappointment.

So what’s this magical game changing tip for training new reps? Are you ready for it?

Okay here it is… Click Play!

What’d you think of the video? Did you have an “aha moment”?

There’s a lot of psychology as to why this small thing has such a dramatic effect on your new reps production and results…

Keep in mind the reason why most people don’t make calls to their prospects… even if they have the perfect script in front of them is because they’re afraid of messing up.

So instead of having your brand new rep fumble and stumble on the phone trying to not sound “canned” or scripted with their prospects, have them call you first. Here’s why…

If someone is nervous that they’re gonna mess up then making calls will be scary to them, the phone will look like it weighs 500 lbs, and they’ll never get started… or if they do start making calls and they sound too scripted or lack confidence on the phone they’ll probably get eaten alive by their prospect.

And if they get eaten alive by their prospects, shot down too hard, or get a million questions they’re not prepared for, they’ll most likely get discouraged, stop making calls and focus on learning rather than doing, or they may even quit entirely because they think this business isn’t for them.

So here’s the deal. After you’ve started your new rep and told them to practice your scripts a few times on their own, have them call you and when you’re talking to them have them practice on you. Then give them some reassurance, confidence, and help them to modify the script so it sounds as natural as possible.

Make sure they practice it until they no longer sound like they’re reading from a script and once they sound natural let em loose on their list and be there to support them via 3-way calls or however you support your team.

Also don’t be afraid in your role playing to pretend to be a little skeptical and extra inquisitive to prepare them for the reality that their prospects will ask questions and try to extract more information out of them then they probably want to give.

It’s important to arm your new reps with scripts on how to handle those types of people and make sure they sound fluid and natural when replying back to objections and requests for more information then you want to give.

I hope you found this video and these tips helpful. If so feel free to share this blog post and video with your team and/or team leaders so this “role playing” tweak can be added into your current game planning sessions with new reps and become a part of your team’s culture.

I’m sure I’ll be hearing lots of stories from people letting me know they shared this blog post with their team via email, in their team’s facebook groups, etc. If you do that let me know so I can thank you personally. There’s no bigger compliment then having other leaders share my trainings with their teams.

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