How to Make a Vision Board – My Private Dreams, Goals, & What I’m Lusting After in 2014 Revealed

Wanna make sure you hit your goals this year and get everything you want? The video below will show you how by harnessing the power of a vision board as featured in the movie and best selling book “The Secret”. In this video you’ll learn not just How to make a Vision Board, you’ll also see my personal one… and I even snuck in my girlfriends office while she was away to show you hers. 🙂

How to Make a Vision Board and Hit Your Goals this year!

Now before you say it, let me admit it up front, a few of things in the video above where I share my innermost goals, secrets, desires and the things I lust may seem a bit corny, (like maybe the M&F Mag cover & Foot Massager), but when it comes to making your vision board, it’s anything goes baby!…

If you want it, throw it on the board. Whether you can afford it or believe you can achieve it or not. “You have not because you ask not.”

If it’s something you want, dream about, or a goal you’d like to accomplish, put it on your Vision Board and let the law of attraction do it’s part. Then you go and do your part.

What’s your part you ask? It’s to Hustle your face off! Just because you make a vision board it doesn’t mean you should sit on your butt and not go to work, I’ve always learned that there’s no substitute for hard work and hustle.

Do make sure you’re working smart though. It doesn’t make much sense to strike at a thick tree with a dull axe. Sharpen your axe or get a chainsaw.  😉

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