FTC attacks Vemma. Thoughts and advice from a Top Industry Trainer

FTC Attacks Vemma…

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is attacking Vemma, a well established company in the Network Marketing / MLM Industry.

Is the FTC’s investigation well-founded or is it a witch hunt?

First off let me say that I’m not affiliated with Vemma in any way. I’m not a rep and I’m not a customer. However, whether you’re in Vemma or not, if you’re in the network marketing industry the outcome of this case should be important you.

In my 14 years as a Network Marketing Professional and Network Marketing Trainer, to me, based on the public information available at this time and everything I’ve seen and heard so far, this entire investigation sounds like it’s less about Vemma doing anything illegal or wrong and more like the FTC is holding Vemma responsible for the actions of a few reps incorrectly explaining the company’s compensation plan and pay structure.

In the video below you’ll hear my in depth thoughts on this attack and some very valuable advice to all Network Marketers, MLMers, and home business entrepreneurs.

And if you happen to be in Vemma, I’m sure you’ll find that the advice and training I give in this video will be extremely helpful to you and worth sharing with your team.


P.S. I almost never leave my personal contact information or email address in any posts, but because I know I have so many fans in Vemma if any of you have any questions or need my support feel free to reach out to me.

-Cesar L. Rodriguez

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