Prospecting Tips – What to say and what not to say!

In this live-stream training I originally filmed on the “Periscope by Twitter” app you’ll see me sharing cold market prospecting tips on…

What to say and what not to say when cold market prospecting…

When it’s smart to small talk and build extra rapport with your prospect before asking talking biz and asking for their number…

When you shouldn’t waste time building extra rapport and the instances you should instead be more direct and to the point…

The trick to overcoming your fears of approaching others and building confidence, and much much more.

I don’t usually share videos that are this long, but I know there are some of you that are hungry like I was and craving more effective training on cold market prospecting and want to get as much of it from me as possible.

So I dedicate this training to my hardcore hustlers that are hungry and willing to do whatever it takes!


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P.S. I do live-stream videos like this all the time on Periscope, but I rarely record and upload them to share with my entire fan base like I did today.

If you want to make sure you catch all the trainings I film be sure to download the “Periscope By Twitter” app on your smart phone and search for “Cesar L. Rodriguez” and follow me.

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