Free Personality Test-The 4 Personalities

Free Personality Test that Tells the Story on the 4 Personalities!

This training is crucial! It’s a fun training segment that I do that will help you to relate to anyone and everyone you talk to!

Taking this free personality test will change the way you talk to people forever and will drastically improve your closing percentages and those of anyone you teach this to!

It’s a lot of fun to take this free personality test, but what does it tell us? This free personality test is fun, but it will help you in life, in team building, and in recruiting for your business.

When I first start talking about the types of personalities, I mention dolphins.

What do dolphins want? They just wanna have fun! Remind you of a song? Okay, so maybe the song isn’t important (Cyndi Lauper) but the free personality test is!

The dolphins you have to watch, because while you may get them to sign up they are geared up about the events when you share where they are, what they are for, and what happens there.

You tell them about conventions and that you take trips to Vegas and then they are sold! So, can they produce?

After the laugh, then they want to know what is being sold LoL!
free personality test

A Free Personality Test and Whales?

Okay, so the free personality test seems to be concerned with sea life, but whales are what?

They are more concerned with helping others.

These are the folks that get in for the cause and use words like “help” on a regular basis.

Along the way, we will all recruit a lot of people like that. What are you?

Generally, it seems that whales are those that are dedicated to non-profit work, churches, and other causes where they can help others.

So, what is still left? How about urchins?

These are the people that crave information. Have you ever met someone that just wanted more and more information?

These are the people that love the facts, or as it has been said, “Just the facts ma’am!”

These are of the the folks that comment on the fact that it appears to be a good opportunity, but they just want to think about it.

Unfortunately, they are not the instant decision maker, but claim that they need more time! 

Sharks are money motivated, so they just want to get to the point and be on their way to the fastest way to make money.

They want to get to the money part and assume to skip the product information until they really know what they can earn!

So, when talking to prospects keep your ears peeled for their personalities and try to figure out which category they fall in and talk their language.

Doing so will give you a much stronger chance of closing them because they’ll instantly feel like they know like and trust you.

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