Business Questions-3 Questions that Help You Get Off the Fence!

Business Questions? Cesar L. Rodriguez’s Secret formula on How to INSTANTLY decide whether or not you should start ANY business!

Features: “The only 3 questions that matter when starting a business.”

Business Questions 101 with Cesar

Did you know that there are only 3 main business questions that you need to ask before you choose to go into a business? In fact, these 3 questions are so important, that a college course has been built around this entire concept-no joke. Are you ready for this?

These business questions are as follows: 

  1. What is the initial investment?
  2. What is your break even point?
  3. How long until I get to that break even point?

So, within each of these important questions, let’s break them each down so that you fully understand what I mean by each one. 

business questions

Breaking Down These Business Questions One by One

Now that you know what each of these business questions is, let’s discuss each one in greater detail. For example, the first question was “What is the initial investment?”

So, in other words, how much will it cost you to get started? The example I like to use for a franchise is McDonald’s. If it’s a million dollar franchise then it might take you 5 years.

For me personally folks, all that mattered was that with pre-paid legal, I only had to pay $249. First of all, think about that in terms of what a small amount of money that is to start a business!

So, how much did I make for each membership I sold? I only made $50 per each one at that time, so I knew that if I sold 5, I broke even, right?

However, I profited $1, which may make you laugh, but think about folks, I win!

So, do the math, it’s easy; 50 x 5 is $250, right? So, I’m a buck over haha, but you get my point right?

My sponsor could see the analytical wheels were turning, and of course Mr. Gregory called me out on it. He said, “Cesar, you’re complicating this. Could you sell 5 over the course of your life?” Think about that as one of the best business questions and it all comes together.

His point was pretty simple; he was simply trying to convey to me that even over the course of my life, I would do what 95% of business owners never do, and that’s make a profit.

Wow, it wasn’t that hard was it? No, of course it wasn’t, but oftentimes we try to make it harder than it really is, don’t we?

What Business Questions Did I Answer the Easy Way?

I finally understood that these business questions were much easier, and that yes, I could sell 5 memberships over the course of my life.

Wow, it finally set in, and it didn’t seem so difficult! You sell 5 of these and you are doing well, and even if you sell 3 and then 1, you are so close, but in selling 5 you get your membership for free. Right?

I hope that you found this article on these “business questions” helpful, and be sure to look below for more information on how to connect with me!


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