Me Ziplining and Riding ATV’s

A few videos of me enjoying some of Adrenaline Junkie habits!

For those of you that don’t know me, the general rule is that if it goes fast and is a little dangerous, it’s for me!

This first video is a fun one of me Ziplining in the Mexican jungle with my best friend Jeremiah Barnett. I heard that it’s possible to zip down the line upside down and wanted to try it. I’ve never done it before so ask the guy if it’d be okay to try it and go upside down on this line. He recommends that I don’t on because this one is too fast… so that only turns me on to do it more. My friend Jeremiah goes after me and films the entire thing from his point of view. This video is fun. You’ll feel like you’re doing it yourself.

Here’s the video of us Ziplining.


This next video was taken on a trip to Nevada. Me and my boy Neil Towne decided to rent some ATVs and to go into the Armagosa Desert Dunes and rip it up for a few hours. I like to be a little extreme and sometimes, I take it too far and end up getting hurt, as I did on my ATV adventure. In this video you can see me stunting on it, like I know what I’m doing. Haha!

Me Riding ATV’s in the Armagosa Desert Dunes

Later that day after this video I hurt myself more so than I ever have in my entire life. I nearly broke my collar bone and 3 ribs when I hit a jump going way too fast and ended up flying off my ATV. I ended up getting hurt pretty bad, but luckily no broken bones.

I didn’t get the full range of motion back in my shoulder for about 6 months which hurt my workouts, but for some strange reason I don’t regret a moment of that day and wouldn’t change a thing if I could, even the fall. It let me know what a good friend my boy Neil is when he was there for me. Had I been alone. I might of died out there. So the lesson is, always go in pairs when doing dangerous stuff!

Hope you enjoyed the vids and the quick stories! Did you feel like you were on the zipline from Jeremiah’s POV video? If so show some love and let me know you were here by clicking “Like” below.

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